Cons and Their Conspiracies

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that you are living in times when there are multitudes who are claiming to know all about various and sundry conspiracies. However, they are out to make their fortunes off of informing the public for a price, of the conspiracies they claim to know all about. They are hawking their wares, peddling their data, and selling their secrets of how to survive.

Over and over, this scenario repeats itself, and many of them, when they have been exposed as cons or even sent to prison for the same, when released, they will move to another level and continue in the same old games.

Somehow, they will have knowledge that no one else has, and through that knowledge they will be enabled to pursue and partake of secrets of success in surviving. For a price, they will let you in on the secrets and teach you how they have learned to survive.

The sad thing is, they don’t tell anyone who listens to them that they survive off of the gullible people who believe them and buy their bill of goods, whatever it may be. So it is that the same old cons are at it again, and they are peddling conspiracies like never before. I do not want you to believe their lies, for they are many. I want you to believe in Me.

My people are not meant to be taken in by the cons and their conspiracies. They are meant to realize that these people are full of tales that may have some truth, but for the most part, their conspiracies are delusions and fabrications. They are full of crafty inventions and stories to captivate others.

Once they have spun the web of their great inside scoop, they begin to ask for finances in greater and greater amounts so that they can continue to peddle fear and take control over others by manipulation.

As My true people, do not be easily manipulated by the ones who want you in captivity and bondage. There is no reason to listen to the cons full of demons when you could listen to My Spirit and be uplifted and guided in the truth that My Spirit speaks to you. Remember, I have given to you My Spirit that you can be guided into all truth.

Therefore, let the discernment that I have given to you be exercised, that you are not paying heed to the seducers and peddlers. When My people are fully aware of the many pretenders who are everywhere, they will welcome the discernment that My Spirit gives to them.

Discernment of spirits is a precious gift and is given to those who will be open to receive the same. When the gift is in operation, then it is easy to differentiate between the precious and the vile.

Do not come under the covering of the vile, for they are full of contamination and will end in damnation of their souls. Be glad even today that you do not need to be swept up in the ridiculous corruption that is evidencing itself on various levels in these times.

Realize that the wicked are in rule over the nation, and when that is the case, then people are buying into the most evil and corrupt schemes and thinking somehow those things are all right. They may be all right according to evil men, but such schemes are not right with Me.

I warn My people and anyone else who has an ear to hear that the wicked are the present covering and therefore, profanity and insanity are everywhere and affecting multitudes.

As those who are able to hear the truth and obey the same, do not lose out with Me by choosing to listen to the cons and their conspiracies. Remember they are making their profit off of those who believe them and buy into whatever it is that they are selling.

You do not need to long for cunningly devised tales and conjectures, for the same are deceitful meat. They do nothing to feed your souls. They feed fear and uncertainty, hysteria and insanity into you.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, because as you do, then you are able to see how many pitfalls and lies I keep you from falling into. The more that you keep your eyes wide open and look to Me so that you are ascended above your enemies, be thankful that you are not put under their thumbs, nor are you subject to such liars.

When you consider how many there are who are actually captivated by conspiracy buffs, it is astounding. Those who are claiming to have the inside knowledge sometimes do, because they are the ones who have made up the very conspiracies they claim are being planned out by those who are the higher ups. In reality, they have invented the non-existent conspiracies in order to con the fools who follow them.

Do not think for one minute that when tragedy hits, everyone will be honest who latches on to the same. There are many groups and individuals, both church and state, who use the opportunity that arises out of tragedy to get what they assume to be their share of the pie.

Be thankful unto Me that you do not need to be involved in such schemes and dreams, because it is Me who is able to provide for you and bring you forth by a plain path as you follow the commands of My Holy Spirit. Do not turn to the left nor the right; rather keep steadily going onward in the straight and narrow way.

When you are allowing the discernment of spirits to operate in your midst, you will not be wasting time watching cons who are knowing all about conspiracies. Instead, you will be knowing about My kingdom, as you steadfastly continue in the Spirit’s commands and obey the same.