Help and Comfort

I speak unto you this day and I say: Know that it is Me the Living God who is your help and comfort. When you are looking to Me as your refuge and your help, you will find that I am the One who brings you forth and directs you in the way that you need to go. Therefore, do not doubt Me, but believe Me that what I declare is true and I am the One who is your help and comfort.

When you observe those who are looking to the world for their help and comfort, know that they are looking for delusion and confusion. The world at this time is full of insanity, and those who are under the covering of the same will find themselves being led about by demon spirits and kept in absolute delusion. I am not calling you to delusion; I am calling you to godly wisdom, because in the same you will find help and comfort.

There are multitudes of demon spirits that are released on the earth at this time, and those who are looking to demons will be made insane by the same. When you are aware of the insanity that is present, then you can be assured that I will be with you and I will guide you forth and give you help and comfort.

Be thankful that it is Me who is your resource and your strength, and I will be ever with you to give you what you need. As you are giving yourselves to Me, you are kept when others are devoured and destroyed. It is tragic to see what demons do to people for no reason other than to kill, steal and destroy.

It is a good thing to keep ever present with Me and participating in the goodness and the mercy that I provide. There is no reason to believe in the delusions that demons put forth and be consumed by those wretched lying spirits.

Be thankful that as you are looking to Me, you are not consumed, but rather you are comforted and helped. In the time of need, you do not need to cry unto the wind and hear the desolation of the same. Rather, you can call upon Me and be uplifted in the infinite mercies that are available in Me.

I am the endless and I am the eternal. Therefore, do not be ashamed to call upon Me, for I do not neglect nor turn from those who walk uprightly. Therefore, be aware that you are not left alone in these times of desolation, desperation and despair. Rather, you are guided, directed, and uplifted in the help that is ever present and given to all who are trusting Me.

It is foolishness when My people allow themselves to be distracted and led astray by the reports that the world is giving at this time, because the world is founded on misinformation and lies. Remember that the devil is in charge of this world and that he is nothing but an incessant liar and a murderer from the beginning. It was because of him and his lies that the first people, Adam and Eve, were deceived and banished from My presence.

Therefore, keep this in mind, that you are to keep yourselves for Me and not be listening to the rantings that are being shown forth at this time. I desire that you would walk uprightly each day and be directed in the way that I intend. I do intend that the ones who are Mine would not be deviated and taken in the multiplied diversity, perversity and insanity that are rampant in the land in these times.

Be thankful that you do not need to be adhering to the vexation that is common to all who are lending their ears to the liar, that old deceiver, and his workers, the demons who rampage and rant day and night. Such forces have the agenda of murdering the truth and replacing the truth with lies.

Listen not to them! Listen to and obey My Spirit, for the same is given to you that you can be uplifted and guided forth in the way that is upright, the way that is pure, and the way that is holy. Be glad and not sad. Those who choose My way will be glad. Those who go in the way of fools will be sad, for they will cause themselves much distress and trouble. Do not by any means follow after the folly of the liars or go in the way of foolish men and women who are wasters, destroying themselves and others likewise.

Stop and consider that it is an absolute waste of time when men, women and children pursue the waster, who is actually sent to destroy them and cause them to end in hell. Yet the generation at hand is very foolish, for they have rejected the way of righteousness and taken up the way of sinfulness. They have refused salvation and chosen abomination.

Therefore, do not let them convince you of their innocence before Me. They are not innocent in My sight. They are guilty, they are vile, and they are purposeful rebels and violators of My way. How smart those who are violating Me imagine themselves to be, yet they are outrageously foolish, for they are choosing the deceiver and wanting the delusions of the same.

When Adam and Eve chose to believe the liar above Me, they brought their own troubles and sorrows, which have not ended even now, for all are born under the curse of carnality and suffer from the same.

Keeping this in mind, be quick to reject and refuse the lies that the enemies want you to believe. If you are refuting, refusing, and rebuking such lies, the liar and his troops must leave. Because as you are in submission to Me, you have strength and power over darkness and the iniquity that is found inherent in the liar.

Be glad that you can know the help and comfort that I give you. I want you to be fully aware that you are not of this evil world; you are only journeying through. Therefore, be thankful that through Me you are kept in safety as well as sanity.