The Most Holy Place

I speak unto you this day and I say that I have called and chosen people to be enabled to come into the Most Holy Place, which is very near to My heart. However, not all who are called are chosen, because they do not keep their vows unto Me. Rather, they flirt with the world, they transgress and violate My standard in any number of ways, then they wipe their mouths and claim they have done no evil.

In the days of old, when the priesthood was still in operation according to My direction, there were priests who chose to oppose Me and go after the ways of the heathen round about. When such priests arose and did their evil deeds, the people became disoriented, tainted, and confused. In My righteous wrath, I punished those priests and the people who followed them into their spiritual adulteries.

Know that I the Living God do desire and require obedience from those who are allowed to be near unto Me. If those who are called to such a place and chosen because they are loving and desiring more of Me at the time of their being chosen, depart from closeness to Me, then know they are wrong. It is Me the Living God who will punish them for their wrongdoings, and they will be put to shame.

There is no way that I am approving the sins that are being committed by those who are claiming to be Mine in these times. Rather, I am bringing them to the ruination they so justly deserve, and they will be devastated by My hand against them. Be thankful even this day that you are privileged to walk in the way that I give to you and be uplifted and strengthened in that way. Keep close watch over your own heart and your motives, for they must be kept clean before Me.

In these times of transgression, terror and trouble, be all the more diligent to keep yourselves in right standing with Me. This is because when you are subjecting others to My way by the words that you are putting forth, you do not want to stray and cause anyone else to do likewise. I want those who are Mine and have been given the privilege of drawing close to Me to keep themselves ever present in the way that is pure.

Inasmuch as I am the Holy God, I do desire those who have entered into the Most Holy Place with Me to realize the responsibility and accountability that they have before Me. This is not the time for people to be drunken and careless; this is the time for people to cling to Me and to walk uprightly in the way that I have purposed for them. Be thankful that as you are doing what is right in My sight, you will be receiving the multiplied benefits that I give to you, and by the same, you will be shown how much love I have for those who walk uprightly.

The consequences of willful and deliberate sin are death, and all who pursue the course of sinfulness are likewise preparing for their future abodes in hell! It is utter stupidity when people are choosing to be losing by rejecting the truth and choosing lies. Yet, more and more are going that way because so many of those who are called to be My ministers do not walk uprightly in Me, and the people they are over follow their example.

It has never been intended that such ones would be considered as examples, yet they establish themselves as ministers in order to make gain off of the people they are over. Then, in their selfishness, they do not care if those people lose their souls or not. They only care about the gain they can extract from the ones they are over.

Those who are doing such things do not go unpunished by Me, for I keep track of all that they speak, their motives, and their doings. Be fully aware that they are judged according to their wickedness, and by the same they are punished.

Be thankful that I the Living God am just and there is none who gets by on Me, regardless of who they imagine themselves to be. I am ever alert to the transgressions of those who are laying claim to My name, and yes, they are held highly accountable and responsible, for I find no pleasure in them whatsoever.

Therefore, know for a fact that those who worship and partake of the ways of the heathen are counted dead in My sight, even though they may claim My name. This is because they are going in the way of the damned, and damned they will be if they do not repent. Be aware that I am not pleased, nor will I pretend to be with the ones who are sure of themselves and want only to have what they want, when they want it.

Selfishness and ambition for power are evil and driving forces, and those who give themselves to such are not worthy of mercy in My sight. In fact, they are operating in opposition to My principles, and they are fools in their folly. Keep alert to who you keep in company with, for the ones who are partaking of multiplied transgressions are indeed considered to be fools before Me.

When you are given the opportunity to be close to My heart, do not abuse Me by allowing yourselves to be tainted by unclean associations. Furthermore, realize that the things I reveal to you are not for everyone, for some are swine and will trample the very pearls I have given to you. Therefore, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, that you may continue to enter into the Most Holy Place when I call you to be near to Me!