Under Control

I speak unto you this day and I say that in these times of absolute madness and endless sorrow, I want you to be under control. That is, I want you to be controlled by My Spirit rather than the endless number of insane spirits that are raging in the world at this time. There are multitudes who are yielding themselves to the insanity that is so common in these times, and they are enjoying the “freedom” from all restraints they think they have gained.

Reality is they have not gained freedom at all; they have gained captivity and have become the subjects of the demons that bear rule over them and dictate their lives. Such demonic spirits are corrupt and wicked, and I find absolutely no pleasure in those who choose subjectivity to demons.

While people are wise in their own eyes, they are literally fools, absolute fools before Me. If you consider the problems that people undergo because they reject sound counsel and godly wisdom, it is senseless. I do not call you to be senseless; I call you to be wise and shown My light on the path. When you are adhering to My way, then you are gently and lovingly guided by My Spirit.

Those who refuse My way are determined to go their own way, and that way is basically the way of fools. Of course, fools will be beaten many times because they are by their very actions choosing the same. I do not want you to go in the way of fools, because that is the very way of the damned.

Fools are easily given to arguments and physical fights because they must prove themselves right, even when they are wrong. This is because they have been mastered by their own pride, and demons love such pride because they can easily manipulate proud fools to harm not only themselves but others as well.

Be alert to the fact that this is a time when proud fools are in leadership in a number of nations, and by their rule the world is being covered with the same insane demons that they are under. More and more, people are abandoning My wisdom, which is sound and safe, for the wisdom that is perverse and twisted because it comes from a world ruled by demons.

Consider that the wisest people according to the world are easily fools in My sight. This is because they are choosing to be losing themselves in the conjectures and philosophies of those who have been hungry for control and power over others. Many of those who are in world governments are there because they yielded to demons, not to Me.

Of course, do not forget that the devil and his demons are wicked, and any so-called wisdom that they give forth will damn those who follow the same. Therefore, do not look to the “wise in their own eyes,” for they are deceitful messengers, only used to mess people up and cause them to make messes of their lives. Be thankful that you can look to Me repeatedly and draw of the godly wisdom that is given freely by Me to all who will desire to receive the same. You are indeed privileged to know that through Me there is life, love, and light.

Consider that those of the world know darkness, hate, and death, and in the same they are kept in captivity and slavery to sin. Be thankful this day that you as My people do not have to be subject to such devices and vices as rule over the dull and dumb who are worshiping idols. Rather, you can be full of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that come of Me, and be brought forth, ever rejoicing and giving Me praise and thanks.

I want you to understand and realize that the war-in-action scenario is the product of worldly leaders. These ones are doing so through political maneuvering and manipulation and have brought about the gruesome and bloody display of war to frighten people all over the world.

Know that their game is fear, and they use the same to gain control over those who will be subject to their outrageous tactics and strategies. Then, as men and women are living in fear, they are easily whipped up to believe that the same war in action that they are witnessing will soon erupt near them. Once captivated by fear, they are easily whipped up into violence, hysteria, instability, and insanity.

Those who are doing the controlling love the power they gain over the populace, because their goals are evil. Know that they are basically wicked people who are doing whatever they please to whoever they please, without any guilt or shame over lives lost uselessly. Such persons are calloused and hard of heart, with only their own agendas in mind.

It matters not to them if thousands or even millions are consumed in the bloodbath that wars bring about. All that matters to such ones is that they gain the power and the control that they want and can live satisfied with the fruit of their evil and wicked maneuvering.

Be thankful that you do not need to be subject to them. Rather, you can be subject to Me, for I am the One you are meant to please and obey, and as you are walking with My Spirit, you are kept in sanity and security. Rejoice that the schemes of those who are lusting for more and more power are being made transparent in these times, as they will be exposed in their wickedness.

Be glad that you do not need to be subject to the perverse and wicked things that they are committing daily. This is because you are shown My light upon the path and then you are given the strength to continue to bear witness of My kingdom, the one that is eternal and remains long after the powers of men and women have dissipated. Labor with love for My kingdom above!