Political Maneuvering Madness

I speak unto you this day and I again will make it clear to you that the major wars that are being demonstrated publicly in these days are the result of Political Maneuvering Madness. I do not call My people to be caught up in the madness that is so evident. Remember that those who are behind the scenes are doing things that will be revealed, and by the same there is much loss of innocent lives.

It is not by Me that men go insane and turn savage; it has to do with the bloodthirstiness that lurks in the vile and wicked human hearts of men. It is really tragic to see how cruel and savage people become when they are under the control of the demons that direct the wars and the murder of the innocent.

Driven by the ancient goddess Media, millions are swept up in the hysteria of the wars in action. People are frightened, emotionally drunk, and disoriented because they are sitting in front of the control of demon spirits. They do not know that the results have been premeditated and planned by those in political power.

All around the world, people are fearful because this is the intention of those who are in charge of the Political Maneuvering Madness. This is of course the intention of those who are doing the maneuvering, to cover the world with a blanket of fear, uncertainty, hysteria, and insanity.

If you could travel the world and see everywhere that people are connected to the techno-devices, they are covered in the fear that is the goal of those who are bringing in further and future madness upon humanity.

Be aware that there is through My Son Jesus a way to be kept free of such madness, because He is the One who offers the gift of salvation to any and all who are desiring the same. However, it is intended that once people turn to Jesus, they would maintain their integrity with Him by following the Holy Spirit rather than listening to the demonic spirits that had them captivated and motivated in the way that was and is bondage.

Consider that every person who is alive is in that state of being because I have given them life. Those who want eternal life and are willing to give their lives to Jesus are by the same shown mercy and goodness even in times of tragedy, terror, and ugly transgression against Me.

I do not intend that My people would be found in the wretchedness that is commonplace in these sin-and-guilt-ridden times. I intend that My people would know the peace and safety that I have for them, and that they would walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and go forward in the light, the life, and the power that I provide.

There is no way that I want My people to be taken into captivity by the Political Maneuvering Madness that wants to devour and destroy. My people are meant to stay under the direction of My Holy Spirit, for when they do so, they will not be thrown into the pit of fear, discouragement, despair and depression, and then end in insanity from the pressures of the confusion and delusion that rule the multitudes.

Be glad that you are not meant to be a victim of transgression because the tempter is ever present to attempt to lure those who are Mine into the sins that will damn their souls. Be glad each day that you can keep alert and alive in My Spirit and stay in praise and thanksgiving. Consider the weight of darkness that the majority are under in these times, not knowing what tomorrow brings and not knowing the security and safety that are available through Jesus, the Redeemer.

How tragic it is that the political powers are able to manipulate and captivate millions of people into their crazy schemes to where those who are being manipulated have no insight into the same. This is why I am making a special appeal to all who will hear and obey, to flee the madness that is ever present and to come into the light and clarity of mind that I intend for those who want to obey and walk My way.

Those who are corrupting themselves by their choices will be bounced around like balls by those demons that control them. They will not be able to stop the waves of hysteria that will sweep over them because of the horrid, terrorizing spirits that are so evident in these times.

I absolutely do not want you to be terrorized; I want you to be guided and directed forth in the Way of Life. Therefore, know that it is good to be uplifted, directed, and guided in the truth that I give to you, because by the same you will never tire out. Rather, you will be continually encouraged and invigorated.

When you really look at how wicked those are who bring forth their insane schemes in order to cause the multitudes to suffer acutely, you may ask over and over, “Why? Why? Why?” It is simply because they are wicked and full of desire and ambition to push the buttons that destroy the lives of the innocent every day.

Of course, they enjoy the melee that comes forth out of the maneuvering, and they do not pretend otherwise. My advice is: Do not be caught up in the trap and snare of these demon-possessed political leaders.

Choose to keep your vision single, that is, upon Me, and to realize and understand that I am the One who has intended for those who stay true to bear witness of My Son. This is because when the wicked are in rule, the loss of lives by bloodshed is great in number, and the wicked love it so!