Do Not Forget

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not forget that I am the Almighty. Far too many have grown overly modern and abandoned Me, and in so doing, they have opened themselves up to demonic invasion and infestation. Realize that I have never called you to such a place, for the same is ugly and will cause you repeated sorrows and deep troubles.

If you look at the condition of the nation, you see a nation that, through dirty politics and money-backed schemes, has sought to do away with Me completely. The consequences are evident in the endless armies of homeless, hopeless, and wandering souls that are a plague throughout the land.

Quite obviously, when people and nations forget about Me and attempt to believe only in themselves as supreme or other human beings as the ultimate, they have become idol worshipers. The results of their spiritual adulteries are evidenced in many ways as they have, by their pride, driven away My covering in order to be covered by demons.

Those who choose demons as their coverings are choosing death and damnation, and much misery in this life as well as the hereafter. Once such patterns have set in upon them, they are left empty and full of the darkness of the wicked powers that they are ruled by. Pride blinds their eyes and makes them incapable of seeing and accepting correction, because they believe themselves to be perfect. More than ever, such pride shuts them off from receiving and perceiving the way out of their prison house of death which they have chosen.

Many have repeatedly rejected and scorned the gospel and refused to accept the call that was and is still given by My Son Jesus to “come, follow Me.” Know that such ones, bound as they are in their self-worship and conceit, are consenting repeatedly by their choices and willful disobedience towards Me to self-destruct.

So dull, dumb, and boring are those who worship idols, for the god of self is just as lifeless as the stone, wood, and clay idols of the people of old. All other paths that the arrogant presume lead to Me are really the pathways of deception and always lead to destruction, devastation, and damnation of their souls.

Therefore, remain alert and alive in My Spirit, and do not allow yourselves to be lured into the place of spiritual lethargy whereby you are drawn in by the many fake and pretentious philosophies that men and women conjure up.

When any imagines that they can pursue the course of the damned and be found acceptable to Me, they are operating under delusion and confusion. There are none who are found acceptable to Me who are willfully and intentionally rejecting My truth and My light.

The cruel reality of their choices will cause them to be cast headlong into hell, and there they will remain to undergo the agonies of the damned. Over and over, they will be replayed the times they proudly rejected Me and refused to obey the beckoning of My Holy Spirit and the calling of My Son, Jesus. The pride that they wore as a crown will be shown to them repeatedly. They will see the inscription “crown of fools” that they never saw when they wore such a crown.

Because they have chosen in rebellion rather than righteousness, they are steeped in the bitterness of the same, because they chose to ignore the “do not forget” command that My Spirit gave them repeatedly. They forgot that I am and always will be the Almighty and that I reign supreme and far above all humanity and their choices for insanity.

The obvious insanity of these times is increasing daily as so many are being ensnared and entangled in the scenario of death and damnation that is repeatedly evidencing itself. So many people are rushing to accommodate themselves in the delusions and the confusions that are so dominating and deceiving in these times. As they do, they take on the madness that will end them in sadness, as they choose to lose and forget that I AM.

As those who love Me and are remaining true to Me, continue to stand for the truth, and continue to declare that I want people restored to Me through My Son, Jesus. It is truly your duty and obligation to bear witness of Me and the saving mercies that I provide. Be thankful that you can continue to serve Me each day and declare the infinite mercies that I give to you because you are keeping unspotted from the world.

You will see many who are hypocritical pretenders who love and make a lie because they want to have the lust of their flesh fulfilled and proclaim that it is Me that they love. They do not love Me; they love themselves and they are found continually seeking to satisfy the lust that is never satisfied, and the consequences of their abominations are ugly and lead to their damnation.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude as you labor to keep Me as your first love and serve Me with rejoicing and thankfulness that you are not blind but have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the truth. Those who will hear and obey the truth are counted worthy. Those who hear and disobey the truth are choosing to exchange the truth for a lie, and by the same they will die.

Be glad that you can die to yourselves rather than obey the lusts of the flesh and by the same be found bound by demons. Realize that you need to daily pay heed to My Spirit and never forget that I am who I say that I am: the Almighty!