Well Able and Ready

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God that you are meant to look to above the problems that never cease and are in the world. I want you to remember that you are not of this world; you are of Me, and it is Me the Living God who is well able and ready to keep you at all times.

Therefore, do not fall down to the powers that are so evident in these times that are full of all manner of corruption and madness and come under the spell of fear that is permeating the world at this time. As My people, I want you to be reliant and dependent upon Me, with your trust in Me rather than in the people of the world.

When you hear of wars and rumors of more wars, consider that men and nations have been at war throughout the history of mankind. This is because when people are opposing each other, then they must have issues in order to justify their wars which prove to be useless. Over and over, the same thing is replayed, and people die unnecessarily. Total ruination and destruction come to many places, and in the end, nothing is really resolved.

If you listen to the “frightened few” who have the scoop on what is coming, what is happening, and what they can teach you about such horrid things, consider this: that it is Me the Living God who has the ultimate power. When people in their outrageous pride imagine that they are in control, they are not. It is Me the Living God who remains and reigns supreme.

Therefore, do not be afraid of what is coming, for you are not meant to live in the grips of fear; you are meant to live in trust and confidence in Me. I do not leave or desert My people; I remain with them as they remain living in right standing with Me. Remember that even if the very mountains melt and fall into the sea, I will keep you, because you are Mine.

Do not give yourselves over to the very things that keep the heathen in the state of fear and despair, and therefore make them easy prey for the demonic powers that are roaming and will devour any and all who are trusting them. I do not want My people to be bound up and wound up in the news of the world; I want My people to keep their trust ever in Me. This is because My people are meant to realize that I am always ready and able to give My people what they need and to be their protection.

Truth is, My people do not need armed guards around them, nor do they need special chambers of protection to keep them alive. It is Me the Living God who puts My angels around them and protects them with the angelic host so that no harm comes to them. This is even in the midst of great troubles and useless wars that are becoming more and more evident in these times. It is a good thing when My people are made aware of the host of angels that they do not give way to fear even in the most dangerous of situations and circumstances.

Consider that if My people are not loving their lives more than they love Me, then the fears that beset men, women, children and nations cannot take control over them. The fear of dying is the very factor that makes people easy to whip up into the fighting mode whereby they are willing to enter into senseless wars and disputes. I absolutely do not want My people to be in such condition. I want them to be in confidence, knowing that the battle is Mine and I am well able.

People could live peaceably with each other if they chose to do so. However, because of pride and petty disputes, the majority would rather go to war than admit that they could humble themselves and see each other as of the same blood in the beginning.

While you are living in times when there is a real and ugly attempt to stir up and cause to manifest prejudice and racial wars, remember that all people originate from the same parents. In the beginning, all came from Adam and Eve, and by the same, all are cursed and have need of My direction and instruction in their lives.

There are endless multitudes who are involved in ancient feuds and wars that are caused by centuries-old disputes, which no one can really remember. Because of the refusal of the world’s people and some of My people, feuds, wars, and continuous disputes are ever present. It is not My intention that such would be the condition of life. It is the choices that people make daily that determine how they will live or die in this life and where they end in the life hereafter.

Be thankful that through the example of My Son Jesus you can learn to avoid the disputes that are meaningless and will only waste your time and energy. I do not want you to be wasting the time that I have given to you on this earth, nor do I want you to be caught in the traps the demons have set. You are My people and are meant to have confidence and courage because you are trusting Me and knowing that I am always available.

When people are seeing their lifestyles endangered by other people, then they have animosity over the same. However, sometimes their lives and their lifestyles are not endangered, but the fear of the same is a paralyzing force.

Remember, the devil and his demons are masters of deceit, and their goals are to kill, steal, and destroy as many as they can. Therefore, do not feed off of the fears of the world’s people; feed off of Me, for I am the One you can always count upon.

People do not keep you; I keep you, and by the same you are directed and led forth in the courage and confidence I want you to have.