Triumphant Troopers

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire that My people would be triumphant troopers, willing to forge onward in the war for souls. As you can easily see with your own eyes, these are times when multitudes are estranged from Me and are totally debauched and degraded. This is because you are living in times of overt insanity, and the multitudes have departed from decency and have succumbed to indecency.

I did not create people to be the vile creatures that many of them have become because they have allowed themselves to be ruled by demons rather than My Holy Spirit. When people are yielding themselves to all manner of debauchery and defilement because they are following demonic rather than godly commands of conduct, they are reduced to the lowest levels.

Quite obviously, there are multitudes who have gone in such a way, and their lives are dismal, depressing, and discouraging. There is none above them who is decent, for all have departed from My way. So it is that because of poor leadership and insanity ruling in high places of civil government, the multitudes, both church and state, are affected by demonic powers.

It is My intention to raise up, during these years of cultural war, triumphant troopers who will stand against the evils and call people to repentance through My Son Jesus, who is the Savior available to all. Because Jesus gave His life and completed His mission on earth as the primary and everlasting triumphant trooper, there will be many who are to be called to follow in His steps. These troopers will know what it is to be triumphant and victorious.

Be aware that I do not fail to raise up men, women, and even children who will rise to the call and answer the same. These ones will go forward in the way that I have destined for them, and there will be many souls who will be brought into the shelter of My presence and able to be restored to right standing with Me.

Therefore, be thankful that you will be enabled to see good and lasting changes come forth as more and more people become aware of how truly ugly things have become in these times. As people see the necessity to change, they will turn more fully to Me and seek the counsel that I give through the Holy Spirit, and by the same be guided in the plain path wherein My life is given in abundance.

The move to return to morality is here, and those who will join in and become triumphant troopers will increase daily. Be all the more glad that you can do all that I ask, and do so with enthusiasm. Do not be weary in well doing, but realize that I am the One who is above all powers, and when people become more and more aware of the tactic of the enemy forces to destroy lives on every hand, so will they be glad that I am present to lead them forth in the abundance of new life that I bring.

The whole creation is groaning under the burden of sin that is oppressing all and by the workers of wickedness who are living in the delusion that they reign supreme. They do not reign supreme, except in the realms of pride and self-deception. However, those demons are to be more blatantly exposed, and the ugliness of the same made grossly evident so that people who have an ear will hear the call to repentance that the triumphant troopers will faithfully declare.

When I the Living God do send My messengers forth, calling for repentance and restoration, those who respond and continue will be of course included in the triumph and victory that I have stored up. I do not withhold My treasures from those who listen, hear, and obey. Rather, it gives Me great pleasure to see them come forth.

Realize that the intentions that I have for humanity are good, because without My judgments shown forth, the world is obviously headed to great and lasting destruction. I do not want you to be devastated and destroyed; I want you to be uplifted and guided forth.

This is the time when My wrath, fury, and indignation will be poured out against those who are so sure of their power. Know they are powerless when I turn My wrath, fury, and indignation loose upon them. Be glad that you can see My justice restored after those who are extremely wicked and vile have been dealt with by Me.

Never imagine that I do not know what I am doing; I always know, and I do not hesitate to show just how powerful and almighty I really am. It is indeed sad to see the condition of humanity at this time. Yet, as My true believers continue to pray and seek My face, it is Me the Living God who is raising up triumphant troopers at this time. When I the Living God am finished allowing the excessively evil to manifest themselves in all of their demonic shows, they will no longer be believed but revealed as the liars and demon-inspired fools they are.

Be thankful that when I the Living God do move in behalf of the righteous, it is because they have remained faithful and true to Me and they have interceded for Me to prevail once again in the earth. More than ever, I am revealing how important it is for all to turn before they burn in hell forever.

These are times of great opposites, as the devil and his demons are making a proud show of their imagined power, and those who want truth are being given the opportunity to repent and be restored to right standing with Me. So, know that the triumphant troopers are My ordination, My will.