Disobedience Is Death

I speak unto you this day and I say that disobedience brings death, and those who choose to go in that way are choosing the way that leads to death and damnation of soul. Repeatedly throughout the history of My people, when they turned aside and took up the ways of the heathen, they set themselves up to go under the rule of demons.

When demonic powers are in control, they cause much devastation and ruination in the lives of those who are listening to them. Likewise, as you can see in current times as in the times of old, when leaders are full of demonic inspiration, they will commit all manner of evil and cause My people to do likewise, as you see in these days that insanity is at an all-time high and the number of persons affected by demonic inspiration is increasing every day.

As people and nations grow increasingly more disobedient, decadence and decay are elevated, and destruction stalks the world and her inhabitants. None of this is intended by Me, but it is all the result of rebellion and the very disobedience that is death.

If you consider that I want My people to be in obedience to the commands of My Spirit, then you will perceive that the truth is that I want My people to be kept and not end in debauchery, decadence, decay and death. It is because I love My people and I want them to look to Me, and as they do, to draw of the life that I have intended for them.

When My people will come forth in the way that I give, then they know the abundance of goodness that I have for them, and they can be glad for the same. The more that you serve in the attitude of gratitude, the more you will see that I alone do provide and make the way each day.

There are multitudes in these times who have chosen to turn aside and follow after folly, all to their own destruction. As they make such choices, they do not give thought to the fact that they are affecting others by their careless and wanton choices.

You are not called to be degraded and defiled; you are called to be uplifted and rejoicing, for I am with you always as you remain in obedience unto Me. It is by their sins that people choose to be separated from Me, because they are loving to indulge their own carnality while they are neglecting to serve Me. Such misbehavior is deadly, in the sense that through disobedience, people are not covered by Me in any way whatsoever. Instead, they are taken in the ways that will bring them down, down, down.

Reality is that in these times, My people are meant to keep completely focused and determined to follow Me, for as they do, then they are headed in the direction that will give them new life each day. I do not leave My people starving spiritually when they remain hungry for Me. When those who are meant to be Mine are glutting themselves on the things of the world, then they have no hunger for Me. This is because they are full of the world’s garbage instead of the strengthening food that My Spirit does provide.

Therefore, be alert and alive to the fact that as you remain true to Me, you will be fed with the bread of heaven and enabled by the same to keep clear in your vision and strong in your determination to be obedient to Me. Such determination will keep you zealous for the truth and refusing and refuting the lies of the liar because it is Me that you want to please at all times. Be thankful that I do not withhold any good thing from you but I give to you the abundance of mercies that you are needing every single day.

I do desire good for all people, but the majority do not want that good. Instead, they prefer to give themselves to demons and see how down and dirty they can behave and feel the thrills of the same. However, in their wanton and wild behaviors, they fail to realize that the thrills they seek are the thing that kills, and they could easily die seeking their thrills.

Show yourselves approved by Me, for I am always with you and able to direct you in a plain path and take you onward in My way. If you consider the total erratic behaviors that people reflect in these times, they will end up in hell from the same. Such bizarre and uneven behaviors are the result of consultation with demonic powers and obedience to the spirits of disobedience and wayward rebellion.

You are privileged to remain in the way that I ordain and to find refuge in Me. We do not leave nor forsake the ones who choose to walk uprightly and to keep themselves from glutting on the world’s rottenness. There is no reason to drink the waters of the sewer, nor to eat the filthiness of the pig slop, when you are given the clear, clean waters of life and the bread of heaven. Keep in mind that you are intended to serve Me with rejoicing, for in Me and the way that My Spirit leads, you are guided in eternal life and shown the beauty of My holiness.

Why not warn others of the wickedness of disobedience and the demons that cause the same? As you do so, you will see some who will listen and obey the command of My Son being given to people by the Holy Spirit to come follow the Lamb wherever He leads.

In choosing the steps of Jesus, you are choosing to be received into the company of the redeemed and to abandon the way that will prove to be destruction and damnation. Be glad that you do not need to yield to death, but you can choose life!