Be Decent and True in Your Conduct

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not allow your flesh to long for those things that are evil in My sight. Rather be decent and true in your conduct, that you be found well pleasing unto Me. You are not given the opportunity to live the new life in Christ and then return to the former lifestyle, even in your thoughts. I do not want you to wallow in the mire of sin again, for you are to cherish the privilege you have been given to have your sins forgiven and to live each day in newness of life.

There are endless multitudes who are drowning in the sea of iniquity because they have never grabbed hold of the rope of hope that is found through Jesus Christ, the Lord. Such ones as these are literally hopeless and helpless and will do the deeds of indecency and infidelity because they are without the hope that is found through Jesus to overcome such wretchedness.

However, when you have been given the privilege to be born again, you are expected to be decent and true in your conduct as an example of the strength you have gained through Jesus. As you are behaving in such a way that is acceptable to Me, then your very lives are a witness to the lost that they too can find the better way that I provide.

There are many paths in the broad way, and all of them lead to destruction. So many in these times have totally abandoned Me and gone after the broad way because they have not dealt with the inward enemies that are still in their lives and hearts. I want My people to seek for holiness within because I am Holy and I desire a Holy people. Remember you can be washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, for He has given Himself for the forgiveness of your sins.

Do not take lightly the sacrifice that Jesus has given for you; rather respect and honor Him, for He is the One who gave Himself as the substitute for the sins of all humanity. He opened the door of salvation to all people, and those who will appreciate and walk through the door are meant to never look back or turn back. Consider that when anyone turns back, they are returning to the very sins that Christ died to free them of, which means that they are walking through that blood and counting the same as of no value.

Know of a surety that such ones are a shame unto Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit, because they are absolutely not conducting themselves in a way that is decent and true. There is no reason to prove to be a fool. There is every reason to prove to be faithful and true, that you can come forth ever made glad that you are not only redeemed but restored to right standing with Me.

Calmly learn the importance of obedience, and then follow through with such conduct as pleases Me each day of your lives. Do not live in the ugliness of the former lifestyles, not even in your imaginations. Keep the loins of your minds girded up with the truth that will be given to you through the Holy Spirit and by the same be reflected in good behavior.

When those who are claiming to be My people do not keep themselves clean before Me, know that the world looks at them with disrespect, for they are not true to Me, nor are they “real sinners.” In these times of artificiality and pretension, even the people of the world are looking for those who are true in their commitment and conduct as believers in My Son and Myself.

Therefore, do not be as the unstable who are easily led astray and out of the way that I intend for them to walk in. How perverse it is to take up the ways of worldliness after you have been freed from the chains of sin and you then return to the old or former lifestyles wherein you sought to satisfy your lusts.

The reality is that lust is never satisfied, and those who have abandoned all manner of decent conduct to bring forth satisfaction of their lusts are chasing the wind. Do not waste your time on worldly pleasures, for in the end the same will be shown up to be the snares and entanglements of demons that want you to be found guilty before Me.

I do not want My people to be found guilty; I want them to be recognized as good and faithful servants who are welcomed into My kingdom and given the rewards of the righteous. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude that you have been redeemed and given hope through Me.

It is indeed a good thing to know that I am the One who desires to see you elevated into the state of blessedness and hope through Me. Therefore, keep on believing and receiving all that I provide, for what I give to you is what you have need of. I do not want you to be found in the wiles of the wicked; I want you to be guided in the straight and narrow way of the righteous.

Remember I have given to you My Spirit, and the same is ever present and will guide you forth in the midst of a dark and deeply sinful generation. Keeping such in mind, do not think that if you behave in ways that please the world you are pleasing to Me. No! You are intended to be the light and the salt that holds back darkness and corruption. When My people fail and keep on failing at their calling, then they are no good for the purposes of My kingdom.

Be glad even this day that you can be useful to Me and continue to bear fruit for My kingdom. Strive to keep your own conduct so that it truly represents the kingdom wherein I abide. Do not deviate nor pervert your behavior for anyone in order to please them. Rather present yourselves to Me each day as My people, and let My Spirit guide you in the way that is decent and true to Me.