Just as I Say

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me, the Living God, who desires that My people would be victors, not victims. There are far too many who take on the victim covering and remain there. However, it is not My intention that those who are Mine would appear to be the victims rather than the victorious.

In these times when hatred for My people is at an all-time high, consider how important it is that you do just as I say, for there are literally swarms of demons that are launching attacks in order to kill off those who are true to Me. It is not My desire that you would be killed off by demons, for I need you to function at what I have called you to do.

Therefore, do not fall down under the pressures that are raging in the land at this time; rather run into Me, for I alone am your source, and I am the One who will keep you as you are obedient to My commands. When My people listen to Me, then they are kept in the way that I intend and provide for them.

I have never intended that My people would be subject to those things that will take them far from Me, like the insane commands of godless government powers. When nations are ruled by those who are insane because they are directed by listening to demons, it is not My intention for My people to become insane by listening to them. My people are meant to be clear minded and stable because they are listening to Me and not demons.

Know that when any people learn of the truth and will do just as I say, then those people are protected and directed by My Spirit. Be thankful that you are able to hear and obey and that you can and will be kept by Me through the Spirit that is with you at all times.

There are multitudes who love to claim that they are Mine, yet they are hypocrites because their hearts are full of adultery and their actions reflect the infidelity of their hearts. Do not by any means be found among those who love and make a lie. In other words, they put on a vain show of love for Me but it is not Me that they love at all. Therefore, their displays and declarations are done in the presence of men to impress and convince others of their validity, while they are living in spiritual and natural adulteries.

I do not find pleasure in adulterers, because they are proving to be unfaithful and concerned with themselves and their own lusts and desires above My intentions. I am not deceived by their deceitful declarations of love for Me, because I see their deeds and the motives that drive them, which are the inspiration of demonic forces. There is no way that people are enabled to pursue their own lusts without ceasing if they are not controlled by demons.

When any people are controlled by demons, their practices and their outlooks are of course insane because demons have the intentions of confusion and delusion. Take a good look at the times you are in and the bizarre behaviors that people are giving themselves to. Such behaviors are not coming from My Spirit’s commands. Rather, such bizarre insanity as multitudes reflect is because they have taken of the covering of godless governments.

I am displeased and disgusted when those who say they love Me are quickly bowing to the edicts of insanity because these are the laws of the land. When the laws of the land are in direct violation and rebellion against My standards of conduct, such laws are vile and are not to be obeyed by My people. The ones who bow down to such dictatorial commands of illicit morality and conduct are proving themselves to be adulterers who are concerned with keeping themselves rather than obeying Me.

Throughout the ages, there have been many who have suffered severe persecutions because they did just as I say and refused to bow down to empire-building mad leaders who were demonic in origin. However, the ones who counted it a privilege to be persecuted for their identity with Me are now with Me in the heavenly dimensions wherein I abide. These ones I consider worthy because they did not love themselves more than Me. Likewise, they received the rewards of the righteous and were welcomed into the gates of heaven.

Those who loved themselves first and foremost received the reward of adulterers and are now found in hell under the agonies of the damned. The determination of destiny I leave with people so that they can make their own choices as to what they want. Those who are determined to be damned are those who love themselves before Me and choose to save themselves rather than be living sacrifices for Me. While they imagine that they are so wise, they are nothing but cowards who are driven to death and damnation by their own determinations of their destinies.

Do not think that such ones get by with their actions, for their actions end them in damnation and the torments of the same. People are given the opportunity to obey by doing just as I say, or they can rebel like hell and end in hell’s fire by the same. How important it is to obey can never be stressed enough, for without obedience to Me, there is no life that is really enduring and everlasting. What people experience throughout eternity in hell is not living but dying and being in never-ending torment.

Be thankful that you can hear and choose what it is that you consider to be the most important thing in your lives both here and in the hereafter. As you are choosing to do just as I say, then you will be victors, not victims.