Limited Time Only

I speak to you this day and I say: Be aware that you are on this earth for a limited time only. Therefore, do not put all of your efforts into the things that are carnal and that will not stand with you when you stand before Me. Far too many in these times have no vision of eternity. They are only seeing life as the here and now, and are not interested in anything beyond that which is plainly visible to them.

It has always been My intention for those who are claiming to be Mine to keep their vision aright, that is, on the things that are eternal rather than the things that are carnal. I have provided for My people everything that they need to be the citizens of My kingdom both here and in eternity. However, when those who are meant to keep their vision clearly on Me and My purposes get eyes for the world and the values of the same, they lose out with Me.

They lose because they begin to choose the values that are transitory rather than the values that are lasting. They pour themselves into bags that are full of holes, and their treasures are taken from them by the same. I do not want them to be in such a condition; I want them to be in Me and storing up their treasures in heaven because it is Me that they look to and believe in as their Master and Lord.

When men and women keep the right perspective, they will not be as the ones who are left desolate in the end. Multitudes end in hell because they spend their time on this earth chasing the wind and following after folly. While it may appear that the people of this world are rich and increased with goods, be aware that they cannot take anything with them.

Those who sow to the flesh shall of the same reap corruption because there is no value in the things that pass away and the riches that make themselves wings. Remember, people are on this earth for a limited time only, and that is the time when the proving takes place.

Be aware that you are to keep your vision on My purposes and not your own, lest you end up destitute in the end and without hope because you chose to believe the lies of your own carnality and the demons which inhabit the same.

It is not My intention that you would be destitute of the truth and living in the sorrow and hardship that comes to the ones who are choosing only for the here and now. Instead, be purposed for My purpose and ever desirous of pleasing Me and knowing that I will keep you steady in My way as you follow the commands of the Holy Spirit.

If people would not be distracted by the endless enchantments and enticements that are all around, they could pursue their limited time with persistence and perspective on Me and the heavenly kingdom. Know that My kingdom is meant for all who are repentant. However, when people are failing to be repentant, then they are left to flounder in the endless and hopeless despair that prevails in these times.

It is very important that men, women and children allow the conviction of My Spirit to show them their sins that they can repent and be restored to right standing with Me and kept in the way of My righteousness revealed.

In consideration of how little time is spent with Me in comparison with how much time is spent with the endless cares of this life, be glad that you do not need to be caught up in the same and dragged down by those things that pass away and are remembered no more.

I do not want you to be caught up in the vanities and vexations that take you on a ride to nowhere. Rather, I want you to be involved with Me and intent on accomplishing My purpose for your lives, inasmuch as you are stationed on earth for a limited time only.

Know that there are multitudes who forsook all to follow in the steps of My Son as they paid heed to His teachings and obeyed the same. These ones finished their journeys and entered into the heavenly realms wherein I abide and have room for all who will do likewise. Therefore, keep steadfast at what I have for you and do not be deviated by the demons who are ever lurking and longing to cause you harm.

Instead, be alert and alive in the spirit, and rebuke, refute and refuse the demonic powers that want you dead and damned. You absolutely do not need to be a part of the insane and worthless pursuit of the things that destroy. Instead, you can be messengers of life and proclaim the redemptive mercies that are found through Jesus Christ My Son to any and all who will hear and obey.

Remember, it is not up to you to decide who is worthy, as each person makes their own choices. However, you are accountable and responsible to use the limited time that you have on earth, only for the purposes that I have for you. Do not allow yourselves to waste the time you have been given. Rather be diligent and deliberate in the use of that time. When you are faithful to My calling, then you will do as I dictate and rejoice to see the results of the same as souls will be faced with their choices for eternity.

It is not intended for multitudes to end in hell because they never heard the gospel, while those claiming to be My people waste their time on the meaningless pursuits meant for the heathen. My people are meant to redeem the time and pursue with enthusiasm the course that is set before them, thankful to be redeemed and to gain others for My kingdom.