I speak unto those who will hear this day, and I declare to you: Be thankful for the limitations that I have established as your guidelines to keep you in the safety that I intend for you. You are in times when rebellious and violent men, women and children have broken all limitations and gone wild and wanton. Fueled by Media and her minions, covered by insane leaders, and directed by demons, there is no end to the debauchery and defilement that are transpiring in these times.

Those who do not accept My limitations as their safety zone will find that they are prompted by demons to commit greater and more vile abominations and atrocities than one would imagine possible. Yet, when people throw off the restraints that I have for them, there is no end to the evil that they will participate in, because they become increasingly more possessed by demons.

I do not want you to be found among such ones, for they are literally dangerous and deadly, for they have no respect for human lives, not even their own. Driven by demonic commands and inspirations, they go from bad to worse and seem to think there is no wrongdoing for them. This is because they are blinded by pride and fueled by hardcore rebellion and hatred for My way.

They have long departed from sensitivity to My Spirit and responsibility and accountability for their own actions. They are careless and full of all manner of cruelty and vileness, and they do not care who they use the same against. So it is that these ones can act friendly, nice, and so agreeable if they want to, in order to entice others into their webs of deceit. However, as time progresses, so it is that they are continuing in the way that will prove to be devastating and deadly.

I do not intend for My people to throw off limitations and go headlong into the way that will prove to be death to them. I intend that My people would walk uprightly and know what it is to be kept by Me and given tender mercies day after day.

This day, be thankful that you can look to Me, believe upon Me, and know that I am your refuge and your strength. I am the high tower of strength and safety given for you to run into and be kept. Do not imagine that you are able to “take on the giants” if you are not so directed by My Spirit.

As My people walk humbly before Me, they are able to be kept, instructed, and guided in a plain path, and given all that they need to keep them in the place of My intention for their lives. Do not by any means see yourselves as something you are not. Rather rejoice and give praise to Me, for I will uphold you and guide you forth by a plain path and give to you the abundance you need to do My will.

When you have been in conditions of suffering and deprivation and I bring you out of the same, ask Me to provide for you the limitations that you have need of to keep going in Me. Never have I intended for you to be devoured and destroyed by the greed and lust for the everyday amenities that you did not have. Rather, I want you to be accepting My limitations in order to be guided in the righteousness that I intend for you to walk by and be kept in the peace and safety that I provide.

Be thankful for the limitations that I establish and maintain for the protection and provision of My people. When those who truly want Me will adhere to the protection I give, then they are brought forth and given all that they need, for I have promised to provide My people with what they need. Sad to say, many of those who are Mine expect Me to provide them with what they want, and the very things they want will prove to be detrimental to their relationship with Me.

Know that in obedience to Me is found abundance of life, both now and hereafter. Those who seek to throw off limitations and go after the ways of the heathen are literally going after death and damnation of soul. More and more, it will become evident in these times that there are many who put on a show of godliness, but their hearts are lusting for the world. They will find ways to commit themselves to all manner of wickedness and evil, and all the while claim that it is Me that they love.

While they are imagining that they somehow get by, they do not, for they are going after all manner of evil and rejoicing within themselves that they are not limited. How foolish and dumb they are! For the very sins and abominations that they commit will prove to be the destruction of their souls and will end them in the cavern of deep despair because their hearts are so far removed from My intentions for them.

Such ones as these are literally full of abomination and contamination because of their choices to indulge the lusts of their flesh and listen to demon direction rather than My Spirit’s commands to them. As they throw off all standards of godliness, they take on all manner of filthiness of both flesh and spirit. While they are living it up in their sprees, they are literally making it evident how dumb they really are.

If these ones continue in the course of death and damnation, they will see hell sooner than they expect, because of their choices against Me and the fact that they despise limitations. Know that you must see them for what they are and keep yourself unattached or deceived by their fancy speeches of false piety and godliness. Stay in My limitations and know My protection over you.