Folly and Foolery of Idolatry

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who pursue the course of idolatry are dull and dumb because the idols they serve can do them no good at all. This is because idols are not alive; they are shaped by the hands of men and women, and they cannot hear, see or speak. Idols are literally the inspiration of demons, and they are meant to confuse and delude people so that they do not realize the futility of the worship they give to their idols.

I created men, women, and children to worship and serve Me and Me alone, and I have done this in order to bless them and provide for them in abundance the many blessings I have in store. However, those who do not listen to My Spirit but prefer to listen to demons will fall down before their idols, all to their own confusion.

My people are not meant to worship idols, nor enter into the useless folly and foolery of the same. If you consider that what people worship is what they or others have made, how foolish it really is to bow before such lifeless and useless things.

This is a time when people, including My people, are violently addicted to stuff and things, and by the same they are causing themselves sore vexation and trouble. I have never intended it to be that way, but it is, because of the fact that people, including My own, are wanting to satisfy themselves with the treasures that rust, corrode and rot.

When I made people, it was that they would recognize Me as their Creator and worship Me and Me alone. However, when sin entered in by Adam and Eve receiving the lies of the liar and choosing that above the truth, then the acceptance of idolatry became more and more pronounced. This is because left to themselves, the majority of people will choose for that which is the popular, the common, and the norm for their day.

However, in a time like you are in, when insanity, addiction, violence, and of course endless idolatry are the norm, to choose for such motivations is to choose for death and damnation of soul. I do not want My people to be involved in the sins that are prevailing in these times by going along with the norm and assuming that the same is fine with Me.

I have a standard that I expect My people to adhere to, and if they do not, it is because they are in rebellion against Me. Be alert to the fact that idolatrous spirits are everywhere, waiting to grab hold of any and all who listen to demons above My Spirit. There are many ways that demons drive people and blind them into committing sins and abominations that are exceedingly vile and wicked.

If you consider the history of My people of old, when they walked uprightly with Me, then were they blessed with many blessings and the goodness that I alone provide. When they chose to follow after the folly and the foolery of the heathen round about, they worshiped their idols, committed their abominable practices, and married and mingled with them.

They allowed their detestable desires to overrule what they knew to be My standard and dictates. In so choosing, they were losing, and they suffered over and over because of their choices against Me rather than for Me.

I have never wanted those who are meant to be Mine to turn aside to idols and become vile and disgusting in My sight. I have intended for My people to walk uprightly, to keep My standard and not be found among the easily corrupted and contaminated.

If you consider that all were born into sin and began speaking lies because of their carnal natures, realize that it takes the infusion of My Spirit and salvation through Jesus Christ to bring them back to Me. Be thankful that you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior and that He is the pattern Son that you are meant to follow, to please, and to obey.

Do not be as the wayward, the foolish, the insane who follow blindly along and pick up the baggage of their own destruction and damnation. Rather be alert to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey the commands and dictates of the same, that you be kept in the narrow way that you are meant to walk in. Those who abandon My way to follow after the dullness and darkness of idolatry are sure to suffer for the same.

Realize that I am jealous after My people that they maintain their loyalty to Me and do not go after the folly of fools, nor pursue the course of death and damnation. My people have been given the precious gift of salvation, and they are meant to cherish the same and be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Those who are listening to demons are following the course of rebellion, and the same will cause them death and damnation. Literally, the rebellious are living their lives for nothing but hell in the end because they refuse to walk in the way that I have provided.

The folly and foolery of idolatry is nothing new, yet, as the nations become more blinded and insane as they are ruled by demented and insane leaders who are merely pawns in the devil’s game, so does My opposition to them increase.

I do not pour out My blessings on the willful, the stubborn, the rebellious. Rather, they will find themselves mixed up in troubles that will never end, and by such they will never escape the bondage they have yielded themselves to become slaves to.

Be thankful that you can serve Me free of the slave chains of sin, abomination and idolatry, and know the blessedness I give to the faithful.