Mountain Mover

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that it is Me the Living God who is the Mountain Mover, and there is nothing impossible with Me. Therefore, keep your confidence in Me, for I am indeed omnipresent, and I am well able. There is no power among men that is greater than I am.

Keeping this in mind, do not fear that you will fall apart in hard times, when the cost of living is high, the jobs are few, and the government is collapsing. I say this to you because such times are near at hand and it is intended by the enemy to take you down, down, down. However, if it is Me that you look to, you will see that inasmuch as I am the Mountain Mover, I will bring down the forces of darkness that want you destroyed.

Remember that while men and women imagine themselves to be gods and totally invincible, they are very vulnerable because I am the One who holds life and death in My hands. When I pull the life from people, they cannot get that life back, and they cannot stop Me if it is My timing to put an end to their lives.

As you are ever aware that I am the Almighty, do not live in fear of those things that do want to see you dead in trespasses and sins. Rather exercise the power that you have through your inheritance in My Son. Use that inheritance to make advances in My kingdom, and do not allow the enemies to continue to harass and trouble you continually. Rather push down the demonic spirits that are full of lying falsehoods and forever wanting to trouble and vex you for no reason except to devour you.

Be thankful this day that through Me you are being uplifted, guided, and given all that you need each and every day. I do not want you to be in the box of your own outlook; I want you to keep your vision single unto Me and see into the spirit as My Spirit opens your eyes. The more that you focus on My greatness in relationship to the limited and transitory powers of people, you will be more and more appreciative of My purpose for you.

I do not intend for you to be in the mental instability that so many are living in during these times because they are in the troubles that are ever present and will cause them endless sorrows. Inasmuch as these are times of insanity as the rulers are insane, you do not need to look to them as bearing rule over you. It is Me the Living God who bears rule over you, and it is Me you should be adhering unto in faith, love and confidence.

Do not put your hope in the systems of carnal men, because those things can topple in a day. Rather put your hope in Me and My kingdom, which is much higher and everlasting. What I have is far superior to anything that men and women have and still conjure up as the ideal. There is nothing ideal about those who are following the input of demons and building an imagination that has the devil as the foundation.

If you consider the absolute confusion that is conjured up by the proud, arrogant and deceived control freaks, it is the work of darkness and will cause many to die in deception and end in hell. More and more people are committing suicide every day, and as they do, there is no peace for them because they are choosing to be losing. I do not want My people to live under such vexation and sadness; I want My people to live in the gladness that I delight to give to them as they keep in My way.

My people are meant to keep trusting and hoping in Me even if there is a mountain of despair, desolation and desperation before them. Those who keep looking to Me and believing Me above their circumstances will experience My goodness and greatness in their lives. They will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the Mountain Mover and there is no mountain that is too big for Me. Be glad even now that you know Me in the power and glory that I reveal to those who keep their hopes set upon Me forever and ever.

Remember, when you see the nations tottering and falling, that I am the God of the eternal, everlasting kingdom, and My power and glory remain invincible. Do not under any circumstances imagine that I cannot do what I say that I will do. I do not lie, and when I say that I will move mountains, know that I am not a proud braggart; I am the Creator of the mountains, and they are under My control.

Multitudes in these times are living under constant terror because they are looking at the earthly circumstances rather than the heavenly vision. You are not called to go there; you are called to mount up with wings as eagles and keep on knowing that I am with you.

Be thankful this day that in trusting Me you are trusting the God who is higher than all the idol gods that have been or ever will be the focus of worship for the heathen. Those who are worshiping demon gods are dumb as their idols are dumb. Such idols cannot speak, and they cannot hear.

Therefore, strive to stay focused and fearless because I will guide you in the marvelous way that I have intended for you from the beginning. There is no reason to be in the company of the damned who are choosing to be losing. There is every reason to be in the company of the redeemed and to be perfected in the glorious light that I intend for you to walk in each and every day.

Be thankful unto Me that you are bought with a price and that you can respect and honor My Son, and you will see that through Me every battle is won.