Mission Impossible Made Possible

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is well able to make the mission impossible possible as My people look to Me. Stop and consider how reprobate the world has become because My people did not keep their first estate with Me. Instead, they yielded themselves to the world and the vanities of the same.

It was never My intention for things to evolve to the repulsive and reprobate condition that they are in now. However, when I have called My people to be the salt and the light and they fail at that commission, then all manner of evil is given consent to arise and take control. I do not desire that you would be under the crazy control that is existing in these times and succumb to the insanity that is all about.

Notice that confusion and chaos are prevalent on every hand, and there seems to be no stopping of the same. If you consider that to even maintain your integrity as a believer appears to be the mission impossible, know that the same is made possible through Me.

The truth of it is, if My people would see the necessity for restoration, then they would humble themselves before Me, knowing of a surety that I am the One who can do the impossible at this time. It is only too obvious that My people need to really humble themselves and cry out for My judgments and My mercies to rule once more in the land. When I the Living God do take control through the obedience I desire in My people, then that which has appeared to be totally impossible becomes possible because My people obey.

When My people have gone a whoring after the ways of the heathen, then the balance is lost and the whole creation is aware of the same. So it is in these times that the balance is broken, and the confusion, delusion and insanity wreak havoc on the multitudes.

It is very important that My people realize their responsibility towards Me for the furtherance of My kingdom and the return to sanity and safety in the nation. When those who are Mine get their eyes full of adultery, then they bring great and horrific alteration to the stability and sanity not only in their own lives but throughout the nations as well.

Truly, those who are born again of incorruptible seed are intended to cherish the great gift they have received and seek to live their lives in obedience to the commands of My Holy Spirit. My people are to walk uprightly, to maintain integrity and humility in reference to their commitments and their relationship with Me.

I do not want My people to become religious; I want them to become righteous and to continue to develop in their relationship with Me. The more that those who are Mine will be attentive unto Me, the more they will understand the importance of maintaining their integrity with Me and coming forth in the plain path I have provided for them to walk in.

Therefore, do not give up hope when you see how much the nation and the people have fallen; rather realize that as My people, you can see that which is now considered to be dead resurrected into the New Life by My power.

When you face situations in your lives that make you see nothing but the bleakness and impossibility of the situations ahead, be aware that through Me those situations can be faced and overcome. Realize that when I command you to enter into the mission impossible, I will give you the strength and knowledge to see that mission become possible.

Do not be discouraged and depressed by the wretchedness you see all around. Realize that while it seems impossible to have sanity restored, I the Living God am indeed well able.

When I sent My Son Jesus to earth as a man, He faced a mission impossible, yet He did not cry out to Me to return to His abode with Me. Instead, He faced every day under the direction of My Spirit and very aware of His need to walk in humility and obedience with Me. Jesus did not beg to return to Me; He kept bravely and steadily at the mission set before Him.

Stop and think of the trauma and tragedy that stalks those who are not right with Me every day as they dread to face their lives. They have no joy, no peace, and no help. Then consider all of the many treasures you receive of Me, the miracles that I do for you, and the way that I lead you forth by a plain path. It is very important that you keep your vision and your focus on Me because you are intended to win, not lose.

Multitudes are drowning daily in the sea of iniquity, with no knowledge of My mercies, nor of My Son Jesus who died to open the door of forgiveness for them. Realize that He did face a very impossible mission, yet because He believed in Me and My purpose for His mission, that which He came to do, He fulfilled.

Each day, He arose to face bitter, hateful jealousy from the religious leaders, who monitored His every move and sought to have Him murdered in order to silence the truth He proclaimed. He had only a handful of faithful disciples who were still very naive about the depth of commitment He proclaimed and portrayed through His life and death. Yet He did not quit, nor turn back; He continued steadfast at the mission set before Him.

Because He did what He was called to do and finished the mission impossible, the door has been and remains open for multitudes to become believers. Therefore, know that the cause for which I have called you will be possible through Me.