Staying True

I speak unto you this day and I say that I want My people to be found staying true to Me. However, in these times there are many who have chosen to play the whore and are falsifying their relationship unto Me. I am not at all deceived by those who are imagining that they get by with their physical and spiritual adulteries.

While they themselves are deceived by demons, they believe that they can live as they please and there are no repercussions that will come back on them. They are deceived and believing the lies of demons because they want to continue to commit adultery and do those things that I have forbidden.

Know that when people are choosing to live in delusion, they are going there because they have chosen the foolery, the vanity, and the stupidity of their own minds. I do not call anyone to such behaviors; I call them unto Me that they can be guided forth by a plain path and given the multitude of mercies that I delight to provide.

If you stop and consider the way that the world is so excessively wicked in these times, be glad that you are not left to pursue the course of wickedness and go down into moral and spiritual decay. Those who will stay true to Me and resist the temptation to sin, will find that in the same, they are uplifted and given My light upon the path.

Of course, the ones who yield to the tempter are literally choosing the pathway that leads to damnation and destruction. Such is shown up to be a shame and a sorrow in the end. More and more people are throwing away their lives on the darkness and deadliness that is all around. It is true that the devil and his demonic forces are destroyers, and that is all that they do. Their preoccupation is to kill, steal and destroy as many as they can.

The current trend is to steal school-age children away from their parents if such parents do not agree with the current bizarre sex-changes that are being shoved on children. The children are being deceived to believe that they are some oppressed gender that has been kept locked down.

These victims are now being liberated, and these psychos who are teaching such nonsense are the liberators, or so they say. Not only do parents who do not agree with the insanity and profanity that is being taught to their children lose their children; they are now being taken to jail and even prison.

No longer is it possible to ride the fence and think that somehow you can get by. There is no getting by when it comes to the facts and reality of this life as it is now. The wicked have spread themselves out in proud array, determined that their kingdoms will last forever. They will not. The fools will be brought down just when they are riding high in their folly.

I am not mocked, and in this time I am allowing the wicked to prosper so that they fill up their cups to receive the full fury of My wrath upon them, both in this life and in the life to come. When I have made it clear that My standard is high and holy, and people choose the way that is down and dirty, I will mock them in their mockery.

There is only so long that the wicked may appear to prosper. Then the ax comes down, and they are cut down as a dead tree is felled in the forest. They can do nothing to stop Me, and any resistance they may attempt will fall to the ground and they will be proven to be utterly worthless, rotted like a dead tree.

Repeatedly throughout the history of ancient Israel and Judah, when they took up the ways of the heathen, they proved to be utterly useless and worthless before Me. There is no way that I have ever wanted to see My people deteriorate to such a degree.

Since I gave the rules of conduct to My people, they were intended to walk in the same and be kept by Me. Never did I intend for them to prove to be worthless and mindless because they were following after lies and being consumed of those lies. More often than not, they chose to go after the ways of the heathen, which were basically the ways of demonic spirits that led them into confusion, delusion and madness.

Of course, their folly ended them in the place of estrangement from Me because they went a whoring and took up vile and wicked practices. Inasmuch as they were not staying true to Me, they were by the same found to be wandering in desolation and despair that they did not have to partake of had they remained staying true to Me.

The same mistakes are being made by multitudes who claim to be Mine in this hour, because they are going after the absolute stupidity and delusion that hold the heathen in captivity. When those who have claimed to be Mine do not think they need to stay true to Me, it is because they are longing after the forbidden in their lives. I do not find pleasure in such ones because they have yielded themselves to that which I have forbidden, and taken up the folly of fools.

As My true people, I want you to keep on staying true to Me as your Master and Lord. Those who are faithful to Me will not follow after the fads that take them into destitution of soul and spirit, because they will discern that such fades are the work of demons.

Be thankful that you can adhere to Me and follow the dictates of My Spirit and be kept and guided forth by a plain path. It is indeed a good thing to know, realize and understand how important it is to pursue the way of My righteousness and adhere to the principles of life that I give you to walk by and be made wise.