Chosen or Frozen

I speak unto all who have an ear to hear and I ask you: Are you chosen or are you frozen? There are many who exist in the state of being frozen in one mode or phase of their lives. You will see them trying to resurrect the times they remember when they were tough, brave, successful, or very popular.

Because they are refusing Me, they are living in a frozen mindset and mode of behavior. They grow older and slower, and they don’t gain godly wisdom; they only gain weight, wrinkles, and debts they struggle to pay or run from because they have no intention of paying off the same.

Be aware that there are many that I have called, yet they were not chosen, because they had become frozen in time and were unable to move forward in Me. I do not by any means find pleasure in such ones, nor do I look at their state of being as favorable in My sight. This is because I want the ones who are Mine to keep steadfast and going onward and upward in the way that I have prepared.

I want you to realize that stagnation is literally a terrible place to be found in, because there was a point where you stopped looking to Me and started looking to yourself. In such a state of being, all manner of malfunctioning occurs, because My people are intended to make progress, not retard and turn back to the frozen state of being, which is a carnal prison house.

Therefore, if you are serious about your journey, keep steadfast in your commitment and intentions to obey Me every day. It is sad when those who were meant to continually follow turn back and do not follow on after Jesus. Those who are doing such things are in actuality turning to demons and are embracing the commands of the same as though there was some purpose to rebellion and the world of demons in control.

If you look at the conditions that are so evident in this world, the majority are hateful, resentful, and full of pride, which keeps them in the realms of delusion and confusion that I do not intend for them to be in at all. It has never been intended that those who are Mine would be full of stagnation and dullness to the extent that they become frozen in their minds and want only to return to the imagined glory they once believed themselves to have.

Such ones as these are of course living in memories that are being shaded and tinted by demon forces in order to convince them of their own greatness, that they will abandon all desire for being chosen by Me and resolve themselves to be liberated from My way. The world is full of such rebellious fools at this time. These ones are open to demonic infestation, for they have known the truth and forsaken the same and gone after the falsehood of their own understanding and spiritual blindness.

Know that I do not want them to be so crippled by such forces. They are the ones who choose to look back and become unfit and unworthy. Indeed, it is a struggle to continue steadfast in the way of My righteousness, yet the ones who keep choosing for Me will find themselves supernaturally strengthened. My Holy Spirit will guide them forth in the way that I intend and provide.

The ones who continue in the way that I want will see repeatedly that I do not withhold any good thing from them, but I supply all that they need because they are striving to stay in the company of the redeemed and keep their vision single and on what I do intend that they do in this life. They are not meant to be governed by fear as are the frozen who are, while living in the state of rebellion and stagnation, fearful of many things.

Don’t ever imagine that you are to take such a road and imagine that the same is My way. My way is the high-way, and when you are choosing My way, you are not to be ashamed. Nor are you to give the devil occasion to trip you up because you have your eyes on the world.

The world carries with it the sentence of death and damnation, and by accepting the same, you are choosing the wearisome place from which most never escape. It is only the fools who are looking back to the former days before they found My way, and thinking of themselves as superior. Never would I call them superior, for before Me, they are inferior, and will remain dull and dumb because they are so enthralled with their own imaginary glory and security.

The truth is there is no security in the flesh, and to be frozen there is to be locked into the prison house of carnality and the insanity of obeying demons rather than My Spirit. Keeping this in mind, do not think that those who are found locked into the prison house of carnality are counted worthy of being chosen, for they are not willing to die to themselves. Although they will face disappointment after disappointment, all of those things are upon them because they are frozen in a place they imagine is safe for them. This is because they do not want to suffer for identity with My Son and My kingdom.

Keep being in the company of the chosen, for you will see over and over that the ones in such a company are continuing in their adoration, praise, and thanksgiving unto Me because they realize that they are blessed. Those who have come to the revelation of how much the pearl they have found is worth dying to themselves are enabled to keep on going forward. Such as these will rejoice that they can continue to choose Me and be found chosen.