Branches: Dead or Alive?

I speak unto you this day and I say that I see My people as branches who are either dead and waiting to be burned in the fires of hell forever, or they are living branches because they are abiding in the vine.

I do not want My people to be dead branches. They assume that role on their own because they are choosing in opposition to Me, and by such choices, they dry up. When I have called My people and made My will evident to them, and then they want to return to their own way, they shrivel up and die because they are failing to continue to abide in Me. It is tragic and a sorrow when those who are gifted by Me refuse to use the talents I have given them for My kingdom.

Yet, if they are choosing to die, then of course they will find themselves dry and full of criticism spiritually. Some of those who are dead return to their former lifestyles and choose to live out their days in trespasses and sins, neglecting to use the great salvation that was given to them. They want to defend their own choices, so they attempt to curse the ones who are in obedience unto Me. Such misbehavior is nothing but rebellion and an attempted cover-up of their own willfulness and stubbornness.

So, after attempts to revive them without any response from them, they are treated as heart-dead, in the sense that they have no more love for Me, My Son or My Spirit. In their heart-dead situations, they take on the stench of those who are rotting and decaying.

Be thankful that you do not have to follow the example of the dead branches, but rather you can continue to abide in Me and bring forth much fruit as a consequence of your choices for Me and for My kingdom. I do not want you to be found as the brain-and-heart-dead who are merely kept alive for the time present, yet in the end they end in hell.

Never have I intended that you would end in hell; I have intended for you to continue to abide and to bring forth abundance of fruit because it is Me that you serve and obey each day. The more that you are obeying Me, the more that you will see that the way that My Spirit leads you is the perfect way.

I desire that My people who are abiding in the vine would understand that it is by that abiding that they are kept alive. I have never intended for you to be among the dead; I have intended for you to be found among the living because you are meant to be full of the life that I alone can give you. Humans do not live by bread alone; they live by the goodness and mercy that I alone do bring to them by giving them My Living Word that they can be fed and made strong by eating of that Word.

Be knowing of a surety that it is Me you are meant to look to, that it is Me you are meant to please. I do not want you to please your own carnality or the carnality of others. There are many who have turned aside by attempting to be people pleasers, and in such, they have lost their integrity with Me and have played the harlot.

I want My people to keep their integrity with Me at all times and to know that it is through the same that they find the peace that only I can bring to them. Those who are in constant and purposed abiding will understand fully how important it is that they continue steadfast in their relationship unto Me and do not leave Me to take up other gods and by the same end up damned.

I did not tolerate idolatry from My people of old, and I do not tolerate such behaviors now. I want My people to remain consecrated and dedicated unto Me as the One they love and want to please. Do not by any means think that if you turn aside to the ways of the heathen, I am pleased in the same. I absolutely am not pleased; I am disgusted with those who take up idolatry and imitate the heathen or the people of the world.

Why should you participate in their negligence and think that you get by with the same? You are not meant to be negligent; you are meant to be diligent in your service unto Me. I do not want you to bury the talents that I have given to you. I want you to use those talents so that you prove to be faithful and see the gifts and talents multiply as you invest what you have in other souls so that they could come into the life that I want for all to have.

If My Son had not given Himself to the extent that He gave His very life, then He would not have been well pleasing to Me. However, He fully invested the talents and the gifts I gave to Him and brought forth disciples by the same. Those disciples in turn put the talents and gifts they received to work for the furtherance of the gospel and the establishment of My kingdom principles among believers in Jesus as My Son.

So, it is wisdom to continue to declare the truth to all who have an ear to hear and see them yield their hearts and lives to Me. Then they too can become living twigs who turn into living branches abiding in Me and bearing much fruit for My kingdom.

Be thankful that through keeping yourselves alive in Me you are enabled to impart the life to others. Then they too can come out of trespasses and sins and come into the new life that is intended for those who repent and serve Me through Jesus.

As you are thankful, you will not lack for any good thing, because I am ever with you to supply and take you onward in My way. Do not be ashamed to serve Me, but continually declare Me to any and all who have an ear to hear and will accept the gospel and be saved from the fires of hell.