I speak unto you this day and I say: Let My Spirit search your hearts so that you know what it is that you are bound to. I do not desire you to be bound to that which is wickedness and iniquity; I desire you to be bound to Me, for I am the One you are meant to serve.

Multitudes in these times are bound by demonic powers and are doing the deeds of iniquity because they have allowed themselves to be far from Me. Inasmuch as they have gone a whoring after the gods of the heathen, they have taken themselves down the rocky road, and they are the ones who fall down continually on the same. They think that if they follow the trends of this age, they are found still acceptable unto Me.

Truth is, they are not acceptable unto Me, because they are bound in trespasses and sins by their own choices. I actually find them to be repulsive and disgusting because they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks, and the same will cause them sore distress and dismay. Do not think that I want you in such a place, for I absolutely abhor the deeds of wickedness that so many are so casually partaking of.

The church, which is supposed to stand for My righteousness, has refused to do so, for they fear persecution and therefore have refused to be in true identity with My standards. Instead, they have compromised with the standards of the world to the extent that they have allowed corruption, vileness and abomination to be among their congregations. In an effort to have larger congregations, they have complied and compromised with abominations and pretended to be in right standing with Me.

However, these ones are fools before Me because they are guilty of unlimited transgressions by their own choosing in opposition to My standards and dictates. I do not call you to transgression; I call you to righteousness and to be identified with what I desire and require of those who are claiming to be Mine.

There is no way that those who are continually resorting to the sins of the carnal nature in order to satisfy their pride and their enlarged egos are pleasing to Me at all. This is because they are playing the hypocrites and acting as though in the same they are alright with Me. They are not all right with Me; they are abomination and a disgrace to My name.

I do not change My standards to accommodate generations that are in rebellion against My righteousness. Such ones invite their own sorrows because they are wanting to go in the way of transgressors, and that way is and always will be hard. This is because they have believed the lies of the liar and are convinced that they are experiencing some great and wondrous life. All they are experiencing is sorrow and more sorrow.

Do not for any reason believe that you have to follow after those who are full of iniquity. You do not. Know of a surety that My way is perfect and will always be so, because when it is Me that you look to, of course you will be guided in the straight and narrow way.

When people give themselves over to be bound by the demonic, they are literally asking for greater and greater captivity to transpire in their lives. I do not want you to be bound in captivity; I want you to be bound in Me and the mercies that I provide for you each and every day. Be knowing of a surety that there are many ways that men, women and children can choose, and those who choose the bondage to fleshly lusts and demonic input will pay for their play.

I want for people to be bound to Me by coming to Jesus Christ, My Son and the Savior who died for all peoples around the world. When people are recognizing that Jesus is My Son and that His Words are pertinent for these times of insanity, then they will be wise to choose for Him and repent. If they do not repent, then they are held accountable for their refusal after receiving divine recognition of who He is.

When people are choosing to be bound to the Holy Spirit’s directives and commands, they will be adhering to My standards and dictates, and they will be coming forth in the way that I desire and require. Therefore, let it be Me that you will adhere to and trust, for I am who I say that I am.

You are not meant to be taken into the insanity and profanity of these times and by the same lose your souls. Rather, you are meant to adhere wholeheartedly to what I want you to do, that indeed you are kept, uplifted and shown My desire for your lives. Do not imagine that you are to keep looking at the world and adhering to the world, for the world is absolutely insane, and those who are directly choosing the world are choosing death and damnation.

It is a shame and a sorrow that people will violate their own consciences to go in the way of shameful and illicit behavior because they want to fit in with whatever crowd they run with. I have no respect for those who are falling down before people who are abomination to Me in order to fit in with the crowd. They prove themselves to be unworthy because they are choosing to be bound in trespasses and sins that will endanger their souls, their lives and their purposes.

Absolutely do not be swept up in delusion. Rather, be choosing the way that will keep you bound to righteousness and holiness as you walk in Me!