The Open Door

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who puts before people the invitation to come to Me through My Son Jesus. At the time I issue such a call, I also provide them with the open door that they are to come through.

Some imagine that the door will always be open; some are not a bit interested in the door; others are desirous of being Mine, but they do not choose to obey Me and come through the door. These somehow imagine that other things are more important, and they want to pursue those things above what I want, because their priorities are not straight. Then they go off in their own understanding, and the same is not good.

With some persons, there is only one time that the door is opened to them. If they do not take the door at the time I open it to them, they never have another chance. When this occurs, these people are left with an open door to the devil and his demons. In such a shape, they find that they cannot do anything for themselves, because they are depending on demons to direct them rather than My Spirit. This is because they refused the direction of My Spirit when I gave the same unto them.

There are others who refuse the door because they are afraid of peer pressure, persecution and separation from friends and family if they go through the open door. Some of such ones will end up prematurely dead and they enter the door to hell, never to escape the same. How tragic it is when I send to people the open door and they do not go through that door. Then, nothing good comes of their negligence, and oftentimes they suffer and suffer and never know why.

Know of a surety that it is not My intention for people to be under suffering for whatever cause, yet they are, because they are choosing in opposition to Me. Be thankful this day that you do not need to live in separation and isolation from Me, but you can live in Me, for I offer the open door through Jesus. He has stated that He stands at the door and knocks. He will be receiving all who will respond to Him with joy.

It is truly Our desire that souls would be reconciled to Me by returning and rejoicing through repentance unto Jesus for their sins. It is He who has died for all, and it is intended that when the open door is before people, they would go through that door and not put it off.

I do not intend that any would walk afar off from Him or from Me. I want the lost to be in Jesus and likewise in Me, for We are One. When any person will come to Jesus and really live for Him, then they are abiding in the vine and by the same, they will increase and become fruitful for My kingdom.

I want many brothers and sisters for My Son who will be worthy to be a part of My divine love family. Such ones will follow the commands of the Holy Spirit and likewise the command that Jesus told His disciples: Come, follow Me! Jesus is the open door, and those who come through that door will be enabled to follow in His steps and to keep themselves clean from the contamination of the world.

The world’s people at this time are operating under the coverings of insanity, idolatry, and criminality towards Me. I do not want those who are Mine to be yielding to the demonic invitations that will open the doors of such coverings, because they produce death and damnation.

Be glad even this day that as you are coming forth in My way, you are being enhanced and enriched by My purposes for your lives. Thank Me even now that you do not need to live in estrangement from My arrangement, but you can welcome the same as you are aware that you are led by the Holy Spirit.

Those who are following the Holy Spirit will not find themselves in the ditch of despair. Rather, they will be enlightened and encouraged each day because they are not the citizens of carnal kingdoms; they are citizens of My kingdom. When I give the open door and you are willing to walk through the same, then you will see that there is nothing but benefits that come to you from the same in the sense of eternity.

There are far too many who do not want eternal benefits. They are only looking to hear what demons say to them, because they are interested in their “best life now.” Because of their own stubbornness and lawlessness, they go on in the way that will prove to be useless in the end. They are eager to go through every open door that the devil has prepared for them, believing in the lies of demons and resisting the truth.

I do not want you to go that way, for it is useless and empty. I want you to come forth in My way, for it will prove to be highly beneficial to you. Be thankful this day that through Me you are guided, directed and kept, because I am the One who guides you forth and directs your steps.

Therefore, do not be eager to pursue the leads that the demons want to use to entice you away from Me. Rather be intensely interested in serving Me and walking through every open door that My Spirit directs you to. As My true united believers, you will find that there are many doors that do not seem sensible to your carnal minds, but those doors are ordained by Me.

Therefore, do not listen to your carnal minds, but rather obey the commands of My Spirit and come forth knowing that every door I open will give you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and you will be glad, not sad! Be thankful that you have walked through the open doors I have given you.