I speak unto you this day and I say that I want My people to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in reflections as to how they are spending their lives and for what. I do not want those who are claiming to be Mine to simply allow their carnal minds to take them into the very reflections that will cause them sorrow and great distress. The carnal mind is the enemy of My Spirit mind, and the carnal mind wants My people to leave their lives with Me and return to the former bondage of the flesh.

Remember, you are living with your own worst enemy, and that is the carnal mind, which is in opposition to My Spirit mind and in agreement with the devil and his demons. Those who yield their thoughts continually to the old life, the former lifestyle, are basically taking themselves far from Me and into the trap and snare of the wicked one.

As My people, you are meant to keep yourselves for Me, for I am the One who has given you the privilege to partake of eternal life through My Son, Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who is the perfect example of humility and subjectivity to the Spirit mind, for He followed the same during His earthly journey and did not oppose or try to overthrow My will in His life. This is the example that I want My true people to follow: humility and subjectivity to My desires for them.

Far too many imagine that they are serving Me, yet they do what they want, when they want, and the same keeps them bound up and distanced from Me. If you really consider the darkness of soul that comes upon people because of their choices, it is sad and a weariness to Me. This is because they want to wear the mask of religion but their hearts are far from Me because they are pursuing the lust of the flesh.

Over and over, I see them in the iniquity that keeps them in a place of bondage, and yet they do not want to wake up and serve Me the way that is intended. This is because they want to maintain “their identity” rather than being identified with Jesus Christ, My Son, in the fellowship of His sufferings and in dying to themselves.

While there are many in these times who have never seen the example of true believers, that does not absolve them from the fact that Jesus died to save sinners. So, while these sinful ones may want to claim that all Christians are hypocrites, they fail to realize that they too are hypocrites.

The difference between them and the believers they put down is that the believers have recognized that Jesus died for them and have seen that He is indeed My Son and that they need Him in their lives. While they are developing in their walk according to the mind of My Spirit, they may fall many times, yet, if they get up and try again, they are better off. Their accusers only want to use the mistakes of Christians to rid themselves of the conviction of their own sins.

The reality is that each person is basically a hypocrite, and each one needs to follow in the steps of Jesus as much as they can, in order to be transformed and able to develop to the extent that they are a reflection of Jesus and that He is their Master and their Lord. Be thankful that you can develop in the knowledge and the reflection of Jesus in your lives and live totally for My plan and not the one of your own carnal mind.

As you are adhering to the mind of My Spirit, your eyes are opened, and you will see clearly the areas where you are not pleasing unto Me. Instead of growing angry at the same, you can pursue the course of My righteousness, as the same is being revealed unto you as you take time in reflections of your actions and your thoughts. I do not want My people to maintain an independent mind, living in separation from Me and being led astray into the insanity of these times.

My people are not meant to be insane; they are meant to walk soberly and maintain a mind that is stayed upon Me. If you truly consider how fortunate you are to follow Me, then you will not be as the foolish who have chosen to walk in the world’s ways and lose their minds, their bodies and their souls in the same.

It is truly a good thing to be able follow the mind of My Spirit and by the same fulfill the calling that I have for you. There are of course many who are called, but not all are chosen, because they do not choose Me. Instead, they are choosing to live in separation and violation of My intentions, and by the same they are losing the greatest of all prizes in time and eternity.

Those who will maintain their integrity with Me will see repeatedly how precious it is to be redeemed from the penalty of their sins and given the privilege to be in My divine love family. I extend the call to all to come to Me through Jesus, and there is none who can stand before Me and justify their disobedience.

Those who are defiant and remain that way are damned. Those who are repentant and walking in humility and subjectivity are on the highway to heaven. Be glad this day that you can choose Jesus, that you can be in obedience, and that you can walk uprightly every day and be guided in the wonder-filled way.

I want My true people to reflect over and over on their lives and allow the Holy Spirit to search their hearts and their minds. As they are doing so, they will see how important it is that they practice reflections and repentance before Me so that they know for a surety they are right with Me.