Shadow of Death

I speak unto you this day and I say: When you look upon the conditions of the world at this time and the insanity that is raging, know of a surety that the same is under the shadow of death. On every hand are disturbances, upheavals, torments and unrest. Over and over, people are giving themselves to that which will bring them many sorrows and cause them to lose their souls. It is not My intention that people lose their souls; however, as they accept the covering that is currently present, that covering is sinful and totally insane, without any respect for Me.

When people are operating out of deranged minds, they are receptive to demonic input, while they are neglecting My Spirit’s input. Therefore, know that they are found under the covering of the shadow of death. In such a shadow, they are dead spiritually and liable to be dead naturally at any time, and in some cases meeting with premature death because of their choices. Inasmuch as they are purposely choosing against Me, they have no shield of protection over them, and their lives are essentially uncertain because of what they are involved in.

For those who are walking uprightly in Me and keeping themselves under My Spirit’s commands, they are guided forth by a plain path and given the tender mercies that I have in store. I do not want you to be under the shadow of death, nor the curses that are so evidencing themselves in these times because people are choosing in opposition to Me rather than for Me.

In actuality, when you see how insane the world is, and growing crazier by the day, it is because of the fact that the devil and his demons are demanding and commanding people into deeper sins and more bizarre and perverse behaviors. Know that I absolutely do not want you to be involved in the absurdity of these times; I want you to be involved with Me, for I will keep you in the perfect peace that I alone intend for you to have.

While the multitudes are living continually in fear of death, it is because they are not in right standing with Me, and they have fears both named and unnamed that plague them both day and night. They are under such fears that at times they are literally afraid of everything and everybody.

Then, on the other hand, the blinded and insane leaders are so proud that they believe themselves to be invincible and actually equal to, if not higher than I am. Of course, they are not higher than I am, for they are following the delusion and confusion of the demons that have the web of deception wrapped around their demented minds.

They go in a way that is harmful both to themselves, their loved ones, and all who listen to them and believe in them because they are leaders. Such as these end in the agonies of the damned and remain there because they are not in any way going to repent and turn from their wicked ways, because they are drunk on power and pride.

While they want people to believe in them, they are continually changing who and what they are. Their lives are full of confusion and delusion, and they are trying to lure others into the same misconceptions that they operate under. Those who are operating under the mind of My Spirit will see them for what they are, and My true believers will be strongly warned against accepting their facade as though they are wise men and women.

They are absolutely not wise; they are fools who love to be controlled by demon powers, for they believe they will never meet up with their end. In fact, some are so deceived that they imagine they will live forever, because of the demonic input that controls them. Because they do not feel that they will ever have to face death, they go on in their wickedness and stupidity and do not see themselves as accountable or responsible.

Over and over, they prove themselves to be highly demonized and crazed in their actions and reactions. Because of such high-level manifestations of insanity, the populace grows more and more frustrated, and some even turn to demons themselves and allow the influx of the same. The ones who do this are seeing themselves as incapable of living according to the things that are right in My sight.

They will go along with the crowd, thinking somehow that the majority must know what is right, or elsewise they would rebel against the insanity that is growing more intense by the day. I do not want you to be involved with such people, for they are a grief and a shame to My name. Those who melt like butter and fall under the spell of the minions of Media are essentially useless for My kingdom purposes.

Those who are useful to Me are the ones who are not quick to melt and slide under the concepts of craziness in order to be in line with their peers and the mainstream. Those who go in the broad way do not realize that they are choosing to be under the shadow of death continually, and so, they go blindly along and believe themselves to be in the proper mode of behavior. However, they are not in the proper mode of behavior, for they are dupes of demons and driven down the highway to hell.

The ones who are serving Me with gladness and are willingly subject to the commands of the Holy Spirit are literally in the way that I have intended for them, and in the same they are well pleasing to Me, and I keep them covered. If you are in that valley of the shadow of death, know that you do not have to fear any evil, for you are protected and guided each day.