Trauma, Tragedy, Terror, or Takeover

I speak unto you this day and I say there are endless multitudes who have been forced to undergo trauma in this life that they did not deserve. There are some who are troubled by such trauma for many years or even a lifetime after the trauma has occurred.

So many times, those who are recruited at young ages into wars are tormented by the ravages of war and taken into captivity by demons hounding them with memories they cannot rid themselves of. I do not intend for people to have to suffer in such ways, yet they do. Oftentimes, in an effort to escape the trauma they undergo in tormenting waves, they move into the realm of tragedy, which I never intended for them.

There are endless tragedies that befall the people of the world, and they have nothing left to grab hold of, especially if they have suffered the aftershocks of trauma. Some, when faced with tragedies, cannot stand up under the emotional and physical stress of the same. In such anguish, they literally will themselves to give up, and they do. This is because they are in terror as to what could happen next in their lives to cause them more misery.

The tragedy-follows-trauma syndrome is the scenario which entices many people to succumb to deep depression and self-pity. Self-pity is not to be given hold, for it puts a negative shadow over every aspect of people’s lives. The truth of it is that self-pity and deep depression go hand in hand and are literally the work of demons, to drive people farther and farther away from the mercies that I actually want them to have.

They do not want mercy; they want to be wallowing in how much they have suffered in this life. Such reactions trigger more and more deep depression and cause people to grow more alienated than they have been. The consequence of their actions is sad, inasmuch as some of them absolutely refuse to seek counsel.

Instead, many of them, if not already there, turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to alleviate what they believe to be unbearable agony. Really, they are not in agony; they are in the throes of demonic control, and if they ever have a hopeful thought, the demons are there to quench the same.

Remember that the devil and his demons are masters of not only control, but also misery, and they delight to cause people to grow more and more miserable and separated, as though they are living in a damp, dark dungeon. In the dungeon, the misery of mind and body increase until every thought of negativity triggers more self-pity, till those living in the dungeon are literally drunk on self-pity and also wet on their own tears shed for themselves.

When you meet up with such people, know that many of them do not want a friend, because they are crippled by terror and assume that anyone friendly towards them is up to no good. Inasmuch as they have been captivated in terror, they are fearful of almost everyone, even those in such places as grocery stores and gas stations. Again, this is the work of demon spirits who want to see them dead and are edging along in their master plan to kill, steal, and destroy as many as they can.

Be aware that if people would yield themselves over to Me and cry out for help, they could be freed from the powers of darkness that want them dead. As people cry out to Me, I send them messengers to bear witness to them of the salvation mercies that are found through My Son, Jesus. These messengers, be they angels or people, will address them in their need and give them hope and confidence that through Jesus their sins are forgiven. Then I make sure that they know of My Holy Spirit, which, if they want the same, will guide them in the way that I have intended for their lives to go.

Those who will respond to the call I give forth and come to Me in prayers will find that I see them in their trauma, tragedy and terror, and I want them to be assured that they need to yield themselves to divine takeover. Essentially, divine takeover means that they do not succumb to the attempted takeover by demons and be destroyed. Rather, they yield over and surrender to My Son Jesus, and experience divine takeover.

When people are willing to allow divine takeover to transpire in their lives, they will find that they are uplifted and given the hope that I alone can bring to them. Essentially, they are freed from the bondage that is so present in these times when multitudes suffer unnecessarily because they have listened to liars full of lying demons.

Through the power that is found in and through My Son Jesus, many can find themselves liberated from the oppressors who have ruled them. This is through divine deliverance, when those demons encamped in their lives are commanded to bow to the power of Jesus and exit their habitations in the miserable.

Truly, to be delivered of demons is divine intervention and will assure the ones who are willing to accept their deliverance of My takeover in their lives. It is indeed a privilege to be saved from the penalty of sins through the forgiveness mercies found in Jesus Christ. It is likewise a miracle to have deliverance and see the demons flee at the power of Jesus Christ’s Name.

There is a marvelous, very rich heritage awaiting all of those who believe upon Jesus and want to be delivered from the dungeons of darkness they have lived in. Over and over, you will hear the ones who have really listened and obeyed My call giving thanks and praising Me and My Son because they have been set free by takeover—literally liberated!