Transcending Above God?

I speak unto you this day and I say that in these times, people have grown so deluded that they imagine they have transcended above Me. In such deluded imaginations, know they are nothing but fools in My sight. There is no one named among human beings who is higher than I. Those who believe that they have so transcended as to be above Me are demon possessed and listening to false spirits that are taking them in the way of pride, which ends them in hellfire.

When you look upon the state of humanity at this time, it is total confusion, delusion and madness, and those who are in a sound mind can see the demented state of being of the ones driven and deceived by demons. Be thankful unto Me this day that I the Living God will give you a sound mind as you are adhering to Me as your Maker, your Keeper, the One who loves you and created you.

It is foolish when people so bite the bait of the devil that they not only imagine themselves to be equal to Me, but they see themselves as superior to Me because they are absolute fools, just as Adam and Eve fell in the Garden because Eve believed the devil’s lies, then she convinced her husband to partake of the same madness as she had fallen for.

In their acceptance of deception above the truth, they believed that they would be ascending into a place whereby they were equal with Me or even able to surpass Me. How stupid they were, and how stupid people still are when they accept such lies and attempt to follow the same. There is no way that they ascend above Me, nor will there ever be such a place. What they actually do is descend into darkness, and there they remain and are cursed in that place because of their acceptance of lies above the truth.

My intention is that people would be humble enough to receive My Holy Spirit instruction and obey the same. I do not call them to the place of departure from Me and into the place of acceptance of the nonsense that is utter insanity. So many have gone after the way of insanity and believe themselves to be superior to Me and able to dictate to Me and command Me around.

There are multitudes who are living afar off from Me and going after strange voices that are of demonic origin. Then, when they receive such messages, they are deluded by demons and believe themselves to be spiritually and naturally superior. They are not superior; they are inferior, and the ones who see them as the fools they are will be enabled to see through their facades of spirituality, for their deeds will expose who and what they are. Those who are indulging themselves in disobedience are literally in rebellion against Me and they are a grief unto My name, and they are likewise a shame.

If you consider the quality of commitment that My Son Jesus had to Me, it is beautiful to behold; much different from the commitment to demonic infiltration that was found in Adam and Eve. Although they lived in an absolute perfect state of being, they did not see it that way, and when the tempter came along, they fell to the temptation. I banished them from the Garden and from My presence because they were so dumb as to choose the way of darkness above the light that I intended for them to live in.

Realize that in the beginning, the earth was bare and void, then I created all, and the same was beautiful to behold. When I created Adam, it was good, and when I created him a companion, Eve, it was very good. So, when they departed from Me in the delusion of the serpent’s beguiling, they did not become gods; they became fools who were cursed, and were evicted without notice out of the Garden.

Did I choose to rid Myself from them, or did they choose to separate from Me by listening to the devil rather than Me? They chose to listen to lies, and the same proved to be devastating to their souls. No longer were they in absolute favor; they fell into disfavor, and by that disfavor they were in the place of absolute separation and devastation of relationship with Me. How foolish they were to listen to the deceiver. Likewise, how foolish are those who in these times choose to listen to the deceiving demons above My Spirit and then imagine themselves to be able to transcend above Me.

There are doctrines of devils that were released and were the motivation of demons. Now those lies are fully accepted, and people grow conceited by practicing the idiocy of their own way. However, the way that they esteem to be their way is really the demons that have convinced them of their superiority. They are not in any way superior; they are inferior, and I find NO PLEASURE in them!

In fact, some even thought if they used the demonic, they could transcend above Me and become gods themselves. Such mentality has so permeated the mainstream that no one sees that the roots of such transcending, and the meditations that took people into captivity to deception, came from ancient demonic forces. These ancient demonic powers have throughout the ages caused many to lose their souls and end in hell.

These powers have contributed to the destruction of nations because, as people accepted the stupidity of such concepts as truth, they caused their own loss of true perspective and became deceived and duped by demons. They did not transcend Me; they caused themselves to descend into hell’s fire.