Conduct Chronicle

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is aware of how all people do conduct themselves. I do not let the sins of people slide by, inasmuch as I am very particular over the ones who claim they are Mine, yet they do the deeds of wickedness like the heathen. When those who are meant to serve Me are serving other gods, other masters, they become an offense to Me.

I absolutely do not find pleasure in the ones who are far from Me and have gone after abomination, and in the same are setting themselves up for damnation. It is not intended for those who are called and chosen by Me to go a whoring and forsake their commitments and their vows to Me as they pursue the gods of the heathen. I am greatly offended when those who are meant to be faithful to Me abandon all tenets of godliness to go after worldliness, and in the same bring shame to My Name.

Those who are in positions of great power and are claiming to believe in Me are in all truthfulness held highly accountable by Me because they are choosing to follow delusion and confusion rather than walk in righteousness and holiness. I have expectations for My people, and when they turn against Me, they incur My wrath upon themselves and those they are over in terms of leadership. I do not want those who are Mine to be in the place of irresponsibility and do as they please. Those who are Mine are called to serve Me and labor for the furtherance of My kingdom.

In the history of My people, the ones who chose selfishly to serve other gods became a grief to Me because of their immature and hateful behavior. More than once, the leaders exhibited terrible conduct in front of My people, and the people followed the leaders. Then all were punished and suffered greatly because they chose the way that offended Me greatly. There is no way that I let those who are Mine get by with such corruption. Know that they will receive My retributive justice, and the same is severe and in accordance with the sins they have so proudly flaunted before Me.

Literally, it is disgusting to Me when the so-called leaders of nations behave in such a way as to bring wrath down upon not only themselves, but the nations they oversee. Over and over, when nations are in vileness, abominable practices, and perversions as they are in these days, they are definitely disgusting to Me. I find no pleasure in them because they have separated themselves from Me by the deeds they are doing that are a shame unto My Name. I do not want you to have a part of the sins that are being committed in these times. I call My true ones to maintain their morality according to My dictates and to keep faithful to Me.

Be aware that those who blindly follow the blind and end in the ditch of darkness from which they cannot extract themselves are a grief to Me, and I am absolutely not pleased in them. It is shameful when the nations that were representing Me as their Father, because of corrupt and wicked leadership, end up in conduct that is worse than the heathen.

When leaders are full of themselves and proud of what and who they imagine themselves to be, know that they sorely displease Me, and I do not find pleasure in them in any way whatsoever. Therefore, I do not hide My fury, but I make it evident for the whole world to see. As for the times you are in, I am punishing nations and bringing them to ruination because of their conduct before Me, exhibited for all to see.

Those who declare the madness of gender alteration are asking for the demoralization of peoples and nations. The ones who fall for the perverse tactics and strategies of the devil and his demons who are operating under the auspices of leaders are punished likewise. If people did not so readily comply with wickedness and evil, it could never have reached the point to which it has escalated over the last several years.

Why is it that the insane rule with a fist of iron although they claim to be very caring and sharing? It is because they are operating under fear and promoting fear, because they do not want to have any association with that which is sound and stable because the same is of Me. I absolutely know what they do and that they do not care, nor will they share their great riches with the poverty stricken, the immigrants, the homeless. In fact, they squawk like wounded chickens when their privacy and secluded lifestyles are threatened. I fully am aware of their personal selfishness and greed, and the fake facade they wear to convince others that their policies and rules of conduct are true and right.

Their behaviors are full of abomination, degradation and violation of Me, the One who has created all men and women according to My plan and ordination. Those who believe that I created four sexes are deceived and trying to deceive others. However, they know in their hearts that they are wrong, but they are so rebellious that they won’t admit the same and repent.

These ones would rather undergo radical surgeries, have lifelong mental and physical health problems, and be totally unable to function normally. Many of these “tragic trans” become the victims of suicide because they are grieved and depressed as the surgery freaks they have allowed themselves to become. In their hearts, they know that they are wrong, but they go along with the show. Therefore, their conduct is chronicled as evil in My sight.