Rock Revolution

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that you are privileged to look to Jesus, who is the ROCK! Likewise, He is the leader of the revolution that I desire to transpire at this time. While the world’s globalists imagine that they are in control, it is not true, because, if you will remember, I am the One who remains after the men and women of this world have been thrown down and gone to hell.

Be glad this day that through belief in My Son, you are introduced to the One who is the ROCK, and you can depend upon Him, for He is invincible, and He is glorious. Be thankful this day that you do not need to live in the fear of the terrorists who want to convince you that they are right, when they are absolutely wrong. As they continually bring in their wicked plots, schemes and agendas, be alert to the fact that you can look to Jesus as the ROCK, and He has declared revolution.

It is a good thing and well pleasing to Me when My people will follow the commands of My Spirit and be willing to align themselves with the ROCK revolution rather than all of the upheavals, rebellions, and anti-Christ revolutions that are transpiring in these times of “gender scrambling.”

The current trend is to “scramble” everything so as to bring in total confusion, delusion, and insanity, as people no longer know who and what they are. Therefore, be glad that you do not need to be made sad by the insane, no-brain leaders of today, who want everyone to enter into their madness that will end in gross and hideous sadness, for the end is damnation.

The intention of those who are in power is death and damnation because they are fueled by demons rather than by My Spirit. I do not want you to be under the curses that accompany demonic control. You as My united believers are meant to keep clearly focused on the commands and directives of My Spirit, for the same bring you forth rejoicing.

As you are in the ROCK revolution, be aware that the world will hate you, because it hated Jesus, who is the first born. Inasmuch as you are marching onward in His steps and following the pattern He laid down, do not expect for the world to ever recognize your work as useful, for they will not.

Those who are fully entrenched in the lies of the goddess Media will follow her instructions, and those are to kill, steal and destroy any who do not come into compliance with the agenda of mad men and women in these times. I absolutely do not want My people to be caught up in the wickedness of these soul-suckers, for to do so is stupidity.

Keep clear and ever present in Me as you proceed in the way that is righteousness revealed. The more that you are adhering to following in the steps of Jesus, the more you will see how important it is to walk uprightly and keep yourselves clean from the contamination and abominations that mark this present world.

Because of the filthiness and darkness that is abounding in these times, you will be kept if you keep clear in your commitment and honesty before Me. Then you are enabled to escape the wiles of the demonic forces. When so many are finding themselves entrenched in the ugliness of these times, give Me thanks and praise that you can abide in My way and not the perverse and twisted ways offered in the broad way to destruction.

The more that people are sucked into the cesspool of sin, the more “open-minded” they become in terms of accepting the corruption of sin and sinking in the mire of the same. You will see vast multitudes in these times who go along with whatever wickedness is offered to them, because they are spineless and unable to resist the same because their deeds are evil. Those who are preferring darkness rather than light will always choose the dark side, because that is where they are living.

When you behold the vast multitudes who are absorbed in sin, realize that there will be a few who will come alive during these times of sifting and choosing. What I mean by “come alive” is that they will see, even though they are in sin themselves, that they do not want to sink into the abyss of sin because of demonic control. They will resist the waves of wickedness that are sweeping the earth and attempting to cause all to drown in the sea of iniquity. As such ones will cry out unto Me, they will be given the mercies that I alone can provide, and they will be uplifted and enabled to rejoice each day that they are set free if they join the ROCK revolution.

If they cry out for help, then they are directed by My Spirit to turn to Jesus and follow in His steps in order to be made strong to stand against the utter demonic wickedness that is all around. Some of the best disciples are those who have already “been there and done that” with reference to sin, and they can see that the same is a dead-end street. Their witness will be against the waves of wickedness because they rode those waves, only to end up near dead and creepy.

As their vision is cleared up, they will not have any excitement over sin temptations. Instead, they will see the need to testify to others that they could be released from the absolute bondage of sin and set free to follow Jesus, the leader in the ROCK revolution.

Be rejoicing when the captives are able to turn on their former captors and witness to them of their need to be saved, lest they perish in their sins.