Curse of Conceit

I speak unto you this day and I say that pride is abomination to Me, and all of those who are operating under pride will find themselves separated from Me. This means even those who have known Me in times past and have chosen to go in the way that is detestable in My sight.

When you see the ones who were once used by Me and greatly blessed by Me become contaminated by the conceit of pride, know that such ones are no longer blessed. They become cursed because they are stealing the glory that belongs to Me and imagining that they are something that they are not. I do not want you to be under the curse of conceit, because the same is heavy and dark and not intended for you to live under.

Consider that when men and women grow proud and conceited and take the glory for what I have done for them, they become an abomination in My sight, and I curse them because they are thieves before Me. I do not want My people to imagine that they are gods and goddesses when they are merely vessels that I have used to show forth My glory to a sin sick world.

Those who are under the curse of conceit are there because they put themselves there by not keeping their hearts with diligence and realizing that all the glory belongs to Me. I am very grieved at this time because there are multitudes who are basically useless to Me because they allowed themselves to take the glory that belonged to Me, and by the same grew conceited.

Because I am disgusted with those who are operating under pride, they become cursed and separated from Me by their choices. They no longer are privileged to be near to Me if they fail to repent of the pride that lured them away from Me. Inasmuch as I am well aware of the wickedness that is in the human heart, I do not intend for those whom I have used mightily to be used by the devil and his demons because they are drunk on pride.

Drunkards do not know what they are doing, because their hearts are lifted up by the alteration of drink. So it is, when you hear the bragging of those whose hearts are lifted up, know that they are liable for the curse of conceit because they have believed the lies of demons, who want them cursed and separated from My presence.

Reality is that there is a great war in the spirit against My true messengers. The demonic powers are always attempting to offer to them a better way than the blessed way that I provide. Such ones are foolish who fall for the bait and give way to conceit. In so doing, they become drunk on how great they are. Little do such fools realize that the only greatness if found in and through Me.

In these wretched times, there are endless treacherous enemies who are involved in many schemes to uproot My people and do away with their faith in Me. As you can see by the anti-Christ sentiment that is so obvious in these times, this is the work of demonic infiltration and the abomination of pride.

I do not want My people cursed by conceit; I want them to keep their hearts with diligence and stay in the humility mind of My Spirit upon them. The more that you adhere to Me, the more that you see how important it is that you obey the commands of My Spirit when they are given to you, because My Spirit guides you in humility.

Pride does not come from My Spirit, for I do not want My people to be filled with the same. I want My people to be filled with My strength, My power, and My glory. Therefore, be thankful that each day, as you are adhering to Me, you will understand how important it is that you pay heed to Me and Me alone as the One you reverence and obey. My Spirit will give you the commands that will guide you forth by a plain path. Rejoice that it is Me who is ever present and giving to you all that you need in order for you to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that through Me is the peace found that I want you to be in.

Consider that My Son did not give way to pride in any form, because He kept Himself for Me and walked uprightly in My way because He respected His relationship with Me. He was the example of submission and obedience to the commission that He was to fulfill. He did not in any way take the glory to Himself. Rather, He gave the glory continually to Me as the One He loved and wanted to please.

So it is that I want those whom I have called and chosen to remain in faithfulness to Me, for I am desirous of other sons and daughters to come forth in the image and likeness of My Son. Therefore, as you undergo the attacks that the wicked launch against you, remember that I alone am your strength and your mercy, and the more that you please Me, the closer you move with Me. As you keep yourselves in My Spirit, you will see that I give to you the strategies to be victorious over the wicked and kept at all times as you fulfill My mission for your lives.

You are not meant to be dead branches as those who are under the curse of conceit. Rather, you are meant to be uplifted and enabled to rejoice at all times that I am the One who has given you sweet and tender mercies each day. It is so important, as the wicked are ever plotting against the just, that you keep yourselves totally for Me because My love for you is ever present.

Be renewed this day in the power of My presence, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not under the curse of conceit, but rather you are under the blessedness of the humble.