Earth Shaking

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is bringing great shaking throughout the earth. As political leaders who are power hungry and driven by demons attempt to take control of the entire earth, I am going to send them shaking they cannot even attempt to control. When I bring such shaking, they will tremble in fear themselves, for I will cause their plans to be devastated and ruined. Even in their calculations and summations, they will be proven to be mere human beings and not the gods and goddesses they imagine themselves to be.

It is really tiring to Me to see the arrogance and blind conceit with which these power-hungry idiots think they can get by. They absolutely do not get by, because it is Me who does exactly what I want to do in every circumstance, and men with all of their money cannot stop Me.

The reality is that I have shaken down vast empires that encompassed great land areas and riches that were tremendous. However, because of the very arrogance and pride with which men and women were filled, they committed all manner of iniquity, abomination, and violation of Me. In so doing, they set themselves up to be totally destroyed and devastated by My irresistible power and strength.

How foolish people are when they allow themselves to be so proud, so defiant, so rebellious against Me, and go off after the vanities and the stupidities that caused their own devastation and destruction. So it is in these times. There are men and women who are power mongers and imagining they will live forever. However, in My sight they are utterly foolish, for their imaginations will prove to be their devastation and damnation.

I am able to cause shaking throughout the earth as it is in these times, and by the same bring forth great calamity and sorrow. Be thankful that you do not need to be seeing how dull and sluggish men have become in reference to their subjectivity to Me as their Creator. Instead of respecting and honoring Me, they have rebelled against Me and are determined to prove that they are greater than I AM.

How can the thing that is created be greater than the One who created the thing. Yet these insane “things” see themselves as far greater and having more control than I have. By these false assumptions, they are proving themselves to be fools and unable to continue with the insane and perverse schemes they have invented in order to have more and more control.

However, in the day of death, none will have control except Me. After death, they will see that their reward is hideous, for the crimes they have committed against humanity are hideous and vile. Over and over in their lives, they did what they pleased because they believed their riches would buy them whatever they needed.

Because they were blinded by their love of their own understanding, which was demonically controlled, they strutted in their arrogance as though there was no tomorrow. However, there is always a tomorrow, and they had to face theirs, whether they wanted to or not.

Truth is, there are many who are locked in hell eternally who had great power and riches on this earth, yet none could buy their way out of My judgment against them, for they deserved My divine justice. Do not be assuming that those who are wicked get by with their wickedness. They do not. It is not only those who are rich in material wealth who will be judged worthy of damnation, but all who set up to oppose Me and prove how great they were, when they were fools in their behaviors and immoral actions.

Rejoice that I am just, and when I make My decisions, they are based on My ability to see and to judge righteous judgment. There are multitudes who want to cover up their iniquities and assume that they are hidden in their works of darkness. However, when I bring the shaking, all that they are is made open for people to look upon and literally hiss at them because they are so wicked and corrupt.

There are so many who are trying to become the biggest, best, and most powerful, yet they are not. Those who are involved in such schemes of wickedness are like cannibals; they eat one another and devour what those have who dare to get in their way. Yet in the end, all of these power dogs will end in hell together because they are going down under My wrath.

Be aware that I am ever standing with those who want to adhere to Me and walk in the way that I provide, because they are true in their commitments to Me as the One they are meant to serve. When you are cleaving to Me as the One who is your Creator, you will be able to keep the humility mind that will assist you to be in obedience to Me. Therefore, do not falter in your walk but do the same each day, rejoicing repeatedly that through Me you are shown My light on the path as My Spirit leads you forth through the maze of madness that is the current craziness.

Remember, it is Me who sees all that men do, and I hold them accountable and responsible. Be thankful each day that you can walk in the highway of My holiness rather than the broad way of the enticements and seductions of sin that are readily available. Pride is abomination, and when people are full of the same, they are ready to be mere earth, shaking under My wrath.