I speak unto you this day and I say that soon, the nation will go under the COVID re-run, in an attempt to regain the control that comes from locking the people of an entire nation down. Sad to say, there is no new thing under the sun, and the dark powers want to again show the COVID series over and over. So, it’s lockdown! The people who are citizens struggle to pay their own bills and their taxes, while those in high places play around with their lives and their livelihood.

In such an operation, many will be protesting because of the first series they already went through, as they suffered great financial losses, as well as having to take untested vaccines that were unproven, and developing health issues from the same. Many people lost loved ones because of “medical mistakes” in the treatment of their problems. On and on it went, as American people for the most part were jarred out of their comfort zones and hurled into the miasma of COVID lockdown.

Now, as the people in power have sought to achieve a re-run of their power, you will see that the people are not going to readily comply as they did in times past. They will protest and rebel like hell against the treatment, which actually was mistreatment, at the hands of those with a globalist worldview. These ones, even if they are locally grown, wanted and still want to control not only the economics, the health and the lives of Americans, but to expand their twisted vision to encompass the whole world.

In the attempts to re-run the same series, many are going to be in opposition to the scare tactics, because they have already experienced the same and want no part of it. What shall become of the whole show? Consider that the same will fall to the ground like a deflated huge balloon, with all of the hot air let out of the same. It is not My intention for people to be under wicked control; they choose the same by swallowing the hook of fear and dreading what the future holds.

As My people, you are not meant to be living in fear of the future, fear of disease, fear of discomfort, etc. The only fear you are meant to have is the wholesome respect for Me that is intended in your lives. The more that you stay attentive to Me, the more that you will see that the way that I lead you forth is the way you are meant to go. Therefore, in this adulterous and wicked generation, be glad that you can look to Me as the One who will guide you forth by a plain path through My Holy Spirit.

I do not expect you to be attentive to the re-run and believe that the same is meant for you. As the re-run attempts are put forth, keep your focus upon Me as the One you are attentive to. It is your obligation and My intention that you would understand how important it is that you cleave to Me and follow My instructions to you each and every day. I will, through My Holy Spirit, give you the daily instructions that you need to be pleasing unto Me and accomplishing what I intend, because it is Me that you want to please.

During this season’s showing and attempted media blitz for the COVID re-runs, witness to as many people as you can regarding salvation through Jesus Christ, My Son. Let them know that they do not need to live in fear. Rather, they can live in the joy of knowing that He is the One who has died to set them free from the penalty of their sins. Then they can come forth rejoicing if they keep the vows of their redemption and realize that their only safety is in being in right standing with Me through Jesus Christ, My Son.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are free from the bondage of fear and you are free to look to Me as your Commander in Chief, the One who bears rule over you and keeps you in the constancy of My love and guides you forth by a plain path. As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will not lack, nor will you want to be slack in your service unto Me. Rather, you will desire the fire within you to keep burning for Me, and burning brighter each day.

There are so many people who allow themselves to be set on fire with the lusts that will end them in hell, as they live as though there is no tomorrow. However, they do not realize that they could be taken into hellfire sooner than they count on, and have no chance for repentance. Be thankful unto Me that I am the One you are meant to serve with gladness, rejoicing and praising every day because you are redeemed.

When you consider the endless multitudes who are so locked into the Media’s distorted interpretation of life, know that they are following the “leaders” right into their own destruction. Thank Me that you do not need to be involved in the mad schemes of the Media; you can be involved with Me, for I am the One who does care for you and wants you brought forth.

In this wicked, perverse and insane generation, I lead those who follow Me in the pathway that is righteousness, peace and safety. The way that the Spirit does lead is indeed the way that you need. Through such leading, you are led into the peace and understanding that I intend for you to have.

Be glad that in and through Me you are stable when others are having trouble facing each day. Likewise, you have the peace that surpasses understanding and shows you of a surety that I AM who I say that I am. Look at the egoistic leaders of these times, who claim so much and deliver so little. Rejoice that you are not caught up in the re-runs of captivity-COVID.