Mask Up, America

I speak unto you this day and I say that the forces of darkness are attempting to reestablish the greater measure of control that they had over America during the “mask mandate” which was used to control multitudes. Based on the element of fear, some have kept up the practice of wearing their masks as a full-time part of their attire. Others despise the very mention of the word “mask” and want no part of the same.

During the time of the mask mandate, multitudes were forbidden to travel during holidays, to partake of family gatherings, and were only allowed to grocery shop during certain hours and days of the week. The wicked who were testing the waters to see how easily Americans would surrender to government control, watched as countless individuals found themselves suffering under the mandate. Multitudes were unable to go to their jobs; still others had to work from home, simply because that was the only way they could still earn an income.

Thousands of businesses ended up going completely broke because they had no income. More and more people became homeless, and multitudes had to file for bankruptcy. Over and over, the sad stories were repeated because of the mandate of fear that had been issued throughout the nation.

Some states, seeing the absolute havoc that was transpiring, refused to enforce the mandate because they did not want to see their local and statewide businesses collapsing. The leaders of such states had the foresight to see that the consequences of the mandate would be statewide financial collapse and increasing dependence on the Federal Government. Because of leaders who were willing to take a stand, the mandate did not gain complete control as was hoped.

Now, the time is here when the evil powers that are in rule are going to again require Americans to “mask up” by releasing a campaign of fear-of-death indoctrination. This is not to say that they intend to kill those who are not in compliance. This is to see how many will become so fearful of dying of disease and mutant strains that they will comply because of the grip of fear on their brains.

Because the majority of people are not at peace with Me, they easily surrender to the enemy’s plots and schemes, and therefore give themselves readily to the fear that will stalk the land. When a people are taken captive by fear, they are easy to manipulate and control, because it is fear that takes hold of them and causes them sore distress and depression.

During the last siege, so many were seeing themselves as under the shadow of death continually. In fact, there were many people who committed suicide or else went on violent rampages against others because they were so frustrated by the circumstances that were at hand.

I do not want these things; they are the consequence of the squeezing and smothering snake of fear that wants people dead and in hell. The demons of ungodly fear are very wicked, and their goals are exceedingly evil. You are not meant to fall prey to their strategies and tactics, because you are privileged to be under My covering of mercy through the Holy Spirit. As you are paying heed to the Holy Spirit’s commands and obeying the same, you will find that I do not withhold any good thing that you have need of.

It is My intention that My people would realize that their safety is not found in yielding to the demons of fear that are all about. The safety and sanity of My people come from Me as the One who cares for them and wants them kept in these times of sadness and madness.

It is not by wearing masks that Americans will be saved and spared from the diseases they fear so much. Salvation comes through Jesus Christ, the One who loves you and wants you brought forth by a plain path. Whatever you do, do not give in to the innumerable fears that are stalking the multitudes. Rather, cleave to Me and know that Jesus has already gone before you. As you follow in His steps, you will be kept because He is your Savior.

Be thankful this day that, as you keep yourselves free of the fears and dreads that the unsaved live under daily, you are guided forth in a plain path. My Spirit does not lead you into a ditch. Rather, My Spirit leads you forth in the way that I have provided, the way that is My mercy and My righteousness revealed.

Therefore, do not cease to follow the commands of My Spirit. As you are praying, listen to what the Spirit is saying, and you will be enabled to be set free of any of the fears that are lingering to grab hold of you. Do not yield to the demon forces that mask themselves in order to trick you. Rather, listen to the discerning voice of the Holy Spirit, and see the demons revealed.

I do not intend for you to believe every voice, nor do I intend for you to follow the mandates of the demons that want you in captivity and bondage. Know of a surety that as My true and faithful believers, you are not meant to come under the mandates that are masking the demonic powers that lurk in the shadows. You are called to walk uprightly and to keep yourselves alert to My Spirit’s instructions so that, as you are guided forth, you will rejoice and give Me thanks.

Be thankful that you do not need to fall for the treachery or the witchery of demon powers. Instead, you can be guided forth in wisdom and knowledge, and given divine understanding and insight.