Connected or Rejected

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is imperative that as My people, you keep your focus ever upon Me. These are tumultuous times, and the raging of the heathen is continual. This in mind, it is very necessary that you keep your focus connected to Me as the One you serve and want to please at all times. I do not want you to be serving or following after any other gods, for the same will cause you to be rejected and likewise damned.

There are multitudes who are yielding themselves to the demonic forces which rule the heathen and their so-called gods. In the same, they will lose track of reality and move into the imaginary, the delusional, as their minds are taken control of by demons. Consider the harm that is being done when men and women are yielding to demonic spirits rather than Me. Those spirits will cause them to commit many abominations and degradations that only lead to destruction and damnation of their souls.

I make it very clear that I do not change My standards to agree with the sins of those who want to have the world and claim they love Me. To have friendship with the world is to be in opposition to Me, for I alone am the One you are meant to love, to serve, and obey. Consider that when you are walking uprightly, you will not be ashamed. However, when anyone turns from Me and My dictates, then they become a shame unto My Name.

Repeatedly throughout the history of My people on this earth, when they stayed connected to Me, then they knew My blessings upon their lives. When they turned aside, then they became cursed by their own transgressions. I want you to be thankful unto Me this day that through Me you can be walking in the straight and narrow way that I ordain, and kept in the light, the truth, and the mercies that I continually provide for the ones who are true to Me.

I do not find pleasure in those who sin and sin, again and again. I find pleasure in the ones who keep themselves unspotted from the world and walk uprightly in the way that I intend and ordain. Therefore, realize that as you are staying connected to Me through My Holy Spirit, you are being kept from the multitude of sins that so many are in captivity to in these times. The reality is that you are living in times of insanity and profanity, and vast numbers of people will end up damned by their own choices.

Those who choose against My way are intentionally choosing the way of their own destruction and damnation. I do not want you to be damned; I want you to be blessed by Me, for it is My intention to lead you forth by a plain path and give you all that you have need of every day to be kept in My way.

Do not allow your old nature to rise up and take you down the road that leads to the broad way. The broad way never changes, for it remains as the way of death and damnation of soul. I do not want you to be damned; I want you to be blessed by Me, for I am indeed ever present, and I will not fail to give you My covering of protection and provision.

While it may seem as though I repeat the truth that I do not want you damned, it is because I am caring for you as My people, and you must be aware of the dangers that are ever present in these wicked times. The wicked are continually plotting against the just, in the effort to cause the just to succumb to the pressures of the old nature, as well as the demonic influences that are increasing daily.

If you take a good look at the moral state of the majority of people, they are debauched and defiled. Even those who are living in fine homes and good neighborhoods are encased in the corruption that is ever present in these times. I absolutely do not want My people to be defiled and debauched; I want them to shine forth as lights in a sin-sick and dying world. If My people fail to keep themselves connected to My Spirit, then they do not radiate the light that the world is so needy of.

Consider that if you are called and chosen by Me and you decide that you are too tired to continue on the journey and you begin to take “vacations” from your post of duty, where do you go in the same? Chances are you will go in the way that is darkness, the way that is foolery, and the way that is the broad way. The more that people are expanded in their choices, the more obvious they become in their sins.

You as My united believers are meant to keep yourselves unspotted from the world and ever agreeable with Me as the One you love and want to please at all times. If the devil and his demon forces can cause you to become unconnected, then you will be isolated and separated from Me by sins of the flesh, and consequently rejected because your sins cause it to be so.

Therefore, be steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in what I have ordained for you. Realize that you do not need a vacation; you need a refilling of My Spirit to rejuvenate you and cause you to be all the more made glad that I alone am the God who remains.

Thank Me that you can be connected and not rejected. When you are shown the multitudes who end in hell, realize that is all the more reason to keep at the task I have given you to do. I do not want you to cause others to be rejected because you have chosen to misbehave or take a vacation from your post of duty. Your continual duty is to stay connected and to bring as many souls as you can into the fold, lest they be rejected and damned.