Fate of the Flesh

I speak unto you this day and I say: Consider the fate of the flesh. It is nothing but death and damnation without hope. When you see how many are in these wicked times sowing to the flesh, know of a surety that they will reap corruption. Rottenness is what the flesh deteriorates to because the sentence upon all flesh is death. Those who are catering to the fleshly lusts are catering to a spoiled and soiled beast who can never be satisfied.

Consider the vast numbers of people who live and die, doing nothing with their lives except live for themselves and what they think they want. Some of them achieve their goals, only to find dissatisfaction in the same. Others go off after that which is craziness, hoping to find what they want in the wild life, only to end in destruction.

As you look at the current state of affairs in the nation and see the hopeless despair all around, why is it so? It is because far too many are looking to and worshiping the god of self, which is the biggest idol of this age. Over and over, people are falling into the various traps and snares that the devil has set for them, because they are yielding to fleshly lusts. They cannot say NO to their own lust, and consequently they are taken into captivity by the devil and his demons.

While so many are priding themselves on being pagan and worshiping themselves as their number one idol, they open themselves up to endless demons, who take them on a pursuit of iniquity which will end them in destitution of soul and despair. Some who have given way to demon control have literally lost all control and are possessed. Many are caught in the grips of hopeless addictions and unable to do anything except live in the madness of the same.

Consider that I do not call My people there; they take themselves into the trap that will destroy them by their refusal to obey My commands unto them. When I call people unto Me, it is that they would understand how important it is that they obey the directives of My Holy Spirit, which I have given to them to guide them into all truth.

In this dispensation of lies on every hand, you are privileged to be enabled to come forth in the truth that is yours for the having. As you adhere to the commands of the Spirit, you do not need to be concerned with the fate of the flesh, because you will not be serving fleshly lusts. Realize how many people are rushing madly day after day, pursuing emptiness and vanity, all to no avail.

People literally work themselves into the grave to buy houses they never have time to live in. If such ones have families, they bear children who are raised by the public education systems to believe wholeheartedly in perversion and insanity. Not only that; they never have quality time to spend with their children, because they are caught in the grip of needing money, money, money.

Be aware that the enticements that get the multitudes in the various traps of the devil are aimed at their flesh and what they imagine they must have to fulfill the same. Some are dangerously caught up in the trap of the cares of this life. Others are desperately attempting to alleviate themselves through vain and driving ambition to be somebody.

Then there are the ones who, in the trap of fleshly lusts, go all the way down in overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, sex, food, tobacco. These ones find themselves torn down and ready to die over nothing that does anything for them except destroy them body, soul and spirit. Such ones give way to more than one addiction and become slaves of the same, only to find at length that they end in hell by the gods they chose above Me.

Oh, foolish people they are, for they prefer to abandon all for the devil and his demons, when the intent of the devil remains death and damnation for anyone he can possibly snare. Needlessly, people lose their minds and end in the mire and muck of their sins, without hope and helpless to gain anything except their own destruction.

Despite the fact that I continue to call people to repentance, they refuse to listen to that call, and continually choose for the flesh and the fate of the same. Their end is bitter, lonely and sorrowful, not only in this life, but in the hereafter, where they are locked in the agonies of hell forever, and there is no escape from the torments they chose.

It is not My intention that people would sow to their flesh and reap corruption from the same. It is My intention that people would aspire to acquire My mercies continually by serving Me in the Spirit and obeying the commands of the same.

When you consider how really wretched people end, it is a very sorrowful thing. I have given to humanity everything that they need to live for Me, including My only begotten Son, Jesus. Yet they reject Him or scoff His mercies extended, and go on in the pursuit of their own fleshly lusts and desires.

I cannot emphasize enough what the consequences are for those who choose to worship themselves rather than Me. They may think that they are having their best lives now, with no thought for tomorrow, but all they are doing is the very thing that demons have convinced them to do.

Be glad, My people, that I call you to fulfill My intention and call for you that you find eternal life and do not end under the curse of carnality, the fate of the flesh!