Contagious or Outrageous?

I speak unto you this day and I say that there is more going on behind the scenes than most people are aware of in these times. This is because there are many evil schemers and wicked people at work. I do not want you to be participating in their schemes, because the same are hatched from demonic powers.

This is why I will warn you as My people of the agendas at work. There are multitudes in these times who are scheming against My purposes and plans. In so doing, they are proving themselves to be utterly useless in My sight because they are being controlled by demonic powers.

The reality is that repeatedly, people go after that which is corruption, and in so doing, they take themselves far from Me and therefore fall for all of the plots of the devil and his demons to kill, steal and destroy. When people give in to the tactics of evil schemers, they are easily taken captive and in slavery to the mediums of the Media, and by such they are controlled.

Those who are in power love to increase their power over those under them, and likewise bring more and more people into their snares and entanglements which will only cause them troubles. You are not meant to be entangled in troubles; you are meant to be free in Me, for I am the One who is the keeper of your souls.

There are many sources of contagious diseases that are being brought back into being. These are diseases that men and women thought they had conquered, yet they did not count on the mutant strains that are now returning in greater force than the original diseases men imagined they had conquered.

The reality of this situation is simply that I am allowing these plagues to return because people have grown so arrogant and boastful that they take credit when no credit is theirs to take. Such misbehavior is abomination to Me, and I do not find pleasure in My people when they are acting in such ways. When you see the ones who are imagining that they reign supreme, they are deluded and confused by such demons as are ruling them.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to chase after the outrageous fears that are being poured out at this time, nor do you need to live under fear and dread of the contagious diseases that are being unleashed. I am the One who keeps those who are trusting in Me, and I will indeed bring forth the ones who keep steady in their confidence in Me as the author and the finisher of their faith. Reality is that I do not want you to be overwhelmed and “locked down” by fear.

As I have said, there are many evil schemers who are power hungry, and these wicked people will use every imaginable thing to gain more and more power over people. These ones are literally addicted to power and have a great lust for the same. Therefore, do not be shocked at the outrageous reports that you will hear on the contagious diseases that are rising up again. While such is happening, the power-hungry rulers will attempt to control every aspect of people’s lives because they will use the tactic of fear to bring them under.

Inasmuch as they have already used such a tactic, many are alert to the same and want no part of it. However, the majority who believe the mainstream-Media minions will follow along in compliance because they have been taught to believe everything they hear and not question the know-it-all reporters who claim to know all about whatever they are using as the cudgel of control over the masses.

Be aware that I do not want you to be afraid of such ones, for they are indeed very foolish and are driven by demons to their own destruction. Throughout history, the pattern emerges of the power-lust-driven individuals or comrades who have done anything to gain control, only to have such control condemn them in the end.

There are multitudes of accounts of men and some women who have thought themselves to be able to bear rule over others, and by the same they became consistent in longing for and seeking by any means to have the power they were addicted to. These ones caused much havoc and loss of human lives in their attempts to play god and rule the world such as they knew in their times. However, their days came to an end, and in the same they met with damnation by choosing hell, where they remain confined even now in everlasting torments for their evil deeds.

As My people, do not believe everything that you hear, but rather trust My Spirit to lead and guide you in the way that I intend. Keep steadily trusting that I do not want you captivated by the contagious, nor the outrageous. When you keep constant in your relationship with Me, you will find that I make the way clear. So, you understand My intentions and are not deceived by the cunning craftiness of carnal men and women.

Thank Me even this day that you are not intended to go down into the dregs that take so many in these times. Rather, you are enabled to be brought forth rejoicing for the mercies you receive daily. More than ever, My people need to stay with their eyes and ears open unto My Spirit speaking and directing them, for when they do, they will not be overwhelmed nor overtaken.

Rejoice even now that I am available to you and that through Me you are shown repeatedly the way that is eternal and given the protection from the plagues that are contagious, and from the power hungry who are outrageous.