Violation, Mutilation, Assassination

I speak unto you this day and I say that the masters of wickedness are out in full array against My true believers. When I say full array, that means basically that they are using their techniques and tactics of war in order to frighten and negate My people in terms of their labors of love for Me.

These wicked spirits and people are operating under delusion and confusion, and their goals are to dispel sanity, clarity and charity. This is because they are haters of the truth and wanting to rid the world of the same. Deceived as they are, it is their belief that if they do away with My people and the truth they proclaim, they will achieve the great global domination they assume is meant to be theirs.

However, let it be known that they are entirely deceived, but because they are blinded by hubris pride, they do not perceive the deception that covers them and is leading them into their own destruction. While they plan to destroy others and depopulate the world, they are treading on thin ice, because it is Me the Living God who can easily destroy them and bring ruination to them.

Know of a surety that demon-possessed leaders and strategists have been throughout the history of the world, and they are not a new thing. Repeatedly, they have risen to balloon power only to have their big balloon come down with a bang because they are not building with Me involved. I do not approve of their plans because they are schemes of mad men and women driven by demons.

They first start with violation, whereby they violate the privacy of households, they violate the dignity and integrity of those who dare to voice opposition to their schemes, they violate the family unit and attempt to make the same non-existent or completely controlled by their insane dictates and laws. They also violate My intentions and plans for the ones who love and serve Me.

Inasmuch as they are in continuing violation of Me, they are hysterically laughing in debauched celebration because they imagine themselves to be something that they are not! Know of a surety that I find no pleasure in them, because they are operating under insanity and profanity, being driven by demons to commit continual violations which are forbidden by Me, the Living God who does not change to please the evildoers.

I remain eternal and everlasting, and when I have a certain thing for My people to do, they are meant to do the same with gladness, rejoicing that it is Me that they can serve and obey each day. Those who are continually returning as dogs to lick up the very things that made them vomit to begin with, prove themselves to be dogs. I am not eager to take in people who want to remain as dogs or pigs; I want to take in those who are desiring to turn from violation and abomination to the glorious salvation that is found through Jesus Christ.

After the violations have been kept up at a steady pace, the wicked then attack with mutilation, attempting to cut, hack, tear, rip, burn, thrash, and trash the character of My true messengers. They think nothing of causing such ones to be totally devastated and brought to ruination because they stood and keep standing for My Word and declaring the truth of the same. In their mutilation attempts, they are vicious and have no mercy. In fact, their motivation is to stir up mob violence and cause the destruction of those who, as My true believers, have been doing good, yet they are accused of evil.

When the mutilators continue in their campaigns, I comfort My faithful followers and give them the consolation that I remain ever present with them. They can find themselves uplifted because they are knowing that I am well able to help them. Likewise, I let them know that those who want to believe in the darkness that is being spewed forth are showing themselves up to be My enemies and not My friends. Those who are continually ready to believe lies are liars themselves, and their misconduct is unsavory and immoral.

The wicked move from mutilation to assassination in the hopes that they will finally be able to rid the world of the upright. They hurl lie after lie against the upright, like a logger chopping at the trunk of a very strong tree. The ones who are rooted and grounded in Me will find that I keep them standing, despite the countless attempts by the wicked to bring them down.

Therefore, realize that when I am with you, there is none who can prevail against you, for although they may constantly try, I will thwart them time and again. Remember, I am the God whose power and glory remain, and throughout the ages, the wicked have lost their schemes, their dreams, their power and their lives in My timing. They are long-since departed into the damnation and the fiery furnace of hellfire they so aptly prepared themselves for by their destructive determination.

Rejoice and be glad that you do not need to live in the fear of such wretches, but rather you can live in the joy and gratitude that I want you to partake of. Be knowing of a surety that I do not forsake you when you are persistent and consistent in your relationship with Me and My eternal kingdom. Stop and consider: You have remained standing after the enemies are dead and damned, as violation, mutilation, and assassination have all failed.