A Clear Day

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who will give to you those clear days when things come into focus and you can see, in the spirit dimension, Forever. The truth of it is that in these times there are many blockages to clarity of vision.

The demonic powers that are resident in these times are trying to blur the vision of vast multitudes to where they cannot see anything visible and therefore are in blindness, and everything to them is darkness. As they are spiritually blinded, they stumble and fall easily, which is what the enemies love. Then, when they are down, the demons jump on them full force, pressing them with discouragement, despair and depression to push them into the ditch.

As is so common in these times, multitudes cannot see Forever because they are yielding themselves to the spiritual smog that is so evident and prevailing. In the natural state of things in these times, contamination is common, and the pollution that taints the once-clear skies has so corrupted the vision of clarity that multitudes never see A Clear Day.

I do provide those clear days, yet because of the modernization and inventions of men in these times, multitudes cannot see nor behold what is before them. I do provide in measure clear days, when those who are able can see Forever and behold the greatness of My glory while here on earth. It is indeed a sad thing that people are so out of harmony with Me that they cannot behold the beauty that I have put upon this earth and in the skies for the enlightenment and enjoyment of people.

If you are privileged to be able to have a clear day and see Forever, ask Me to increase your spiritual vision that indeed your eyes remain clear and ever open to the reality of these times and the beauty of My kingdom over the kingdoms of demon powers and evil leaders. The kingdoms that men and women set up, whereby they see themselves as invincible and as gods in this earth, are caused by demonically influenced vision. Of course, in their proud minds, they imagine that they remain forever.

They do not, for it is evident that men, women, and their delusions of grandeur all hit the dust when they die and go to hell. Then they face the reality that their forever is in hell, and they will remain there because they chose the same above Me. I do not want anyone to go to hell; these demented ones choose the same by their hatred for Me and their rebellious attempts to overthrow My people in this earth and disprove My existence.

The truth is that these foolish and deluded dream builders will see their attempts crumble before their eyes because they are focused on that which cannot be nor remain. This is because they think to build apart from Me, and what they build is faulty and will crumble. Likewise, they will be under My wrath, fury and indignation because they chose to go in the darkness of their own vain dreams and schemes and cause harm to multitudes.

Pray that repeatedly you will be given the clarity that I alone do give because you are not looking to the world; you are looking to Me as the One you believe in and trust each day. The more that you receive clarity of vision, the more that you will love it when I give you A Clear Day, because then you can see Forever. Such days stir hope in My people because they are beholding the beauty that I give to all who are desiring of My kingdom.

Be thankful to Me as the author and the finisher, and do not neglect the beauty of My holiness, for it is truly divine and brings you fully into the mercies that I provide. In the days of old, before the modernization and technical improvements that men thought to bring about, it was a common thing to be able to see Forever, to hear the noises of nature, and to behold the beauty of the creation that I had intended for humanity.

Now, as you can understand, confusion and delusion have brought about much misunderstanding and delusion, whereby people cannot see anything but the darkness of the days and nights at hand. I have called for people to come out of the darkness and into the clear light that I give. Those who will hear that call and obey will be brought forth and enabled to perceive and receive what I have in store for them. Those who refuse the call will be taken into greater darkness because they are refusing the light that I offer them. This they do because their deeds are evil, and they prefer to act as though they are something that they are not.

Some of them wear the masquerades of religion, yet I know who they are and where they are really living. However, there are many hypocritical mockers who are full of pride and commit abominations and imagine that they are all right in doing the same. They are not “all right,” they are “all wrong” because they do not cover their sins. I truly can see forever throughout the earth and behold the ones who are blessed and the ones who are cursed.

Know that the hypocrites are cursed by their own choices, and they will end in hell forever because they mock Me with their religious shows and arrogant boasts. Do not accept such pretenders into your midst, for they are full of contamination and abomination. Rather, rejoice that it is Me who is the One who gives to you all that you need, and you will have many glimpses of eternity with Me, for on those Clear Days you will see Forever.