Don’t Be Afraid to Trust Me

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be afraid to trust in Me, for I alone am your God, and it is Me who remains supreme. Never live under the threat of the heathen, for they do not own you. You are Mine, and I want you to trust in Me at all times because you have been purchased with a great price, the body and the blood of My Son Jesus Christ.

The people of this world and of every nation that does not serve Me may boast of their own power, but they are fools, for their great powers are nothing before Me. In fact, their powers amount to absolutely nothing, and it is Me who remains eternal and everlasting. Long after the idols of men have been crushed and their remains blown in the wind, I remain.

Therefore, do not fear what they may declare or threaten you with, for you are not to live in the fear of them, for they are full of ugliness and wicked intentions towards those who are Mine. Indeed, you are privileged to look to Me as the One you can trust and rely upon at all times. I do not want you to be fearful; I want you to be faithful, for I alone am your refuge and your mercy.

The attack of enemy forces is to use the tactics of anxiety, intimidation and terror to bring people into subjectivity to their demands and commands. However, if you are not fearful of such, you will understand that I am the One who is your keeper, your high tower of strength and safety. It is not by the power of humankind; it is by My power that you are kept and have been kept through many perils and tribulations.

Be glad that I am the One who is omnipresent and giving to you all that you have need of each and every day that you can be uplifted and shown the way that is intended for you to walk in and be kept. Do not allow yourselves to be troubled by the troubles that are causing people much sorrow. Rather, be thankful that I do not withhold any good thing from you but that, although there are times of leanness, I will provide for you in great abundance as you keep your focus clearly upon Me as the One you are meant to please.

The trust that you have in Me is meant to increase as you see and understand that the enemies, while empowered by demons, are not greater than I am. Therefore, do not fail to keep on trusting and allowing that trust to grow as you personally bear witness to that fact, time and again, that it is Me the Living God who is strong and enduring for you to lean upon.

Keep this in mind when you hear of the agendas and plots of the wicked to gain the global power they imagine themselves capable of having. Know that proud boasters will not remain, and it is Me the Living God who will bring them down and cause them to have many sorrows and troubles. These sorrows will continue to multiply upon the proud boasters. Then, when their lives are over, they will be mocked in hell by the very proud boasting they did. In fact, they will not have any power, and that will be a torment upon them that will never leave.

As you are serving Me in gladness each day, it will become evident to you that the more you trust Me, the more you see that there is nothing impossible with Me, for I am the eternal, everlasting God. I was, am, and always will be the God of miracles who will always hear the ones who cry out to Me in desperation and neediness.

They will still be receiving miracles, for I will provide them the same because the miracles that I bring forth through My servants are of Me, and I am eternal and everlasting. Those who want to claim that the age of miracles has passed will not receive miracles, for they have shut off the miraculous in their own lives because of unbelief. The reality is that many people are satisfied to live in the stagnation of dead religion rather than enter into the living reality of relationship with Me through Jesus Christ, My Son.

I do not find pleasure in the religious; I find pleasure in those who desire and seek to acquire relationship. Give Me thanks and praise this day that you can and will have a very vital relationship with Me if you so desire, and I in turn do desire that of My true ones. To Me, it fulfills the very truth that Jesus is the first born of many more to come to the status that I intend for them to have.

Because I want My people to trust in Me beyond the circumstances. As the threats, the terrors, the fears and the cares come along, don’t buy into the same. Instead, be thankful that you can partake of Me as the One you want to please. Be continually serving Me with all that you have, because those who give Me their all have answered My call and are pleasing to Me. The more that you rely on Me, the more you are guided by Me, for I do not withhold Myself from the trusting, the obedient, the courageous, the compliant.

More than anything, you are blessed by Me, for I am the God who loves to give the abundance that I am to those who trust Me beyond everything that is circulating in the world in these dark days. Remember, the whole world is dependent on the natural sun, and in reality, My people are dependent on the Son that I have given for the entire world. Therefore, rejoice that you can depend on Him, look to Him, and partake of the words of life that come forth by My Spirit and My goodness to you.