True Victory

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are many who claim that they are walking in victory. However, the same is not true because they are continually under stress and giving in to pressures on them. I do not want those who are Mine to be in such a mindset; I want them to be subject to My authority over them and to be brought forth in the peace that I provide. It is not meant for those who are Mine to live under vexation and torment. It is meant for them to live and flourish in the power of My presence.

You are living in times when many are losing their faith in Me because they are looking at the iniquity that is abounding, and the same is bringing on unbelief and suspicion. My people are not meant to be living in suspicion or accusation towards Me. They are meant to be thankful that it is Me that they can look to, believe in, and trust each day. Consider how many are desolate of soul and in desperate straits because they gave up on Me.

If you consider how foolish that is, do not go there. I do not want My people to be desolate of soul; I want them to be united unto Me and knowing that I have given them My Holy Spirit. My Spirit is given to those who desire the same in order to guide them forth by a plain path and keep them in the way that is life eternal. The more that you are trusting yourselves to Me, the more that you will see and understand the meaning of true victory.

I do not want you to go in the way of defeat or unbelief; I want you to realize that it is by your choices and your words that you are making decisions every day as to where you intend to spend your lives. Those who are arising and cursing their days are setting themselves up to be victims and live under the darkness and pain of the same. Those who are praising Me and giving thanks for all that they have in Me will be living in victory rather than defeat. Be thankful this day that you are not meant to be defeated by circumstances and situations. You are meant to live in the abundance of power and glory that I provide.

Therefore, be steadfast in the course that is set before you, because that is My intention for you, to come forth triumphant and victorious, not easily defeated by the times you are in. There is no reason to allow yourself to be ruled by circumstances that are the work of dark powers and evil men and women. While they have an agenda of destruction, you are not called to be ruled by such wicked and perverse forces. You are called to be ruled by Me as you are receiving and obeying the commands of My Spirit being given to you daily.

In these times, far too many are easily made victims because they collapse in the face of opposition and give way to those things that are highly destructive and will destroy them. When My people remain diligent in the spiritual dimension, they will not be defeated no matter what the enemies try against them. This is because they are indeed well able and enabled to rejoice daily, for they are purposed in My truth, which endures forever. Be thankful each day that as you are adhering to Me you will be given My light on the path, and that pathway is the course of victory because My Son is the conquering King.

Because of the delusion and confusion of this time, multitudes are being swept up into the river of rebellion and their lives are being devoured by demonic powers that are raging. However, there are some who will come out of that river of rebellion and return to Me as the One they love. They will be given the renewing of their minds that they are no longer to be the victims of the vulture spirits that had them in captivity.

Through the power that is in the name of Jesus, you have the right and the ability to resist and refuse those powers of darkness and iniquity that will bring you to ruination if you allow them to take control over you. The more that you are keeping clear in your vision that is upon Me, the more that you are advancing in the mercies and the goodness that is given to the faithful.

As you seek for My strategies and follow the same, there will not be any good thing that is withheld from you. Instead, you will come forth knowing that I am the God who does treat you right and guide you forth. Therefore, be ever made glad that through My Spirit you are guided in My way and given abundance of tender mercies every single day. Do not be dependent on those things that are being forecast by the media, for the same is the work of demonic powers to put fear into the masses.

More and more, people are being terrorized by the fears that cause them much tribulation and sorrow, and they are being overwhelmed by the same. Be glad that you are not called to be entangled with the absurdity and insanity that is being shown, but you can have victory over the same. This is because I do not intend you to walk in those realms. I call you to walk in the clarity that I give to you each and every day.

It is indeed a good thing to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the God who gives you tender mercy, loving kindness, and the abundance of everything you need to continue in the warfare I lead you into. I intend for you to be a people who are full of the victorious strategies that can only come through Me. Therefore, do not dread to see another day because you are living in fear. Instead, be knowing of a surety that I am the God who desires a people who keep upright and continue to fight the good fight of faith because they understand that I am indeed the God of victory over evil.