Hidden Treasures

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who does have hidden treasures stored throughout the earth. This treasure is not visible to those with a carnal vision, because My treasure is stored in earthen vessels, who are mere people who have sought for Me with all of their hearts.

When a person is born again of incorruptible seed, it is a joy to Me when they follow after the steps of My Son Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit’s directions and commands given to them. Such as these, if they continue steadfast, will be chosen because they are answering the call that I have for them and coming forth in the same.

Those who do not follow after Jesus and do not allow the seed to flourish in their lives are quenching the Spirit likewise by their disrespect and disobedience for the mercies Jesus has given to them through forgiveness of their sins. Of this category there are some who will eventually cry out once again and make true commitments to My Son, and keep such vows. However, there are others who will make vows and never keep the vows because they are consumed with having their own way, and they are allowing demons to direct them rather than My Holy Spirit.

This is why the ones who are immediately converted and desirous of more and more of Me become My hidden treasures, because they do not fail to keep their vows and their commitments they have made to Me and My Son. Because they are serious about the conversion they have experienced in their escape from the forces of darkness, they will go into abandonment unto Me and not turn back to the rudiments of carnality.

I in turn respect and honor them with the hidden treasures that I have stored up, and they begin to accumulate wealth. Now those who are carnally minded only look at wealth as it exists in the natural dimension, not the spiritual dimension. Many ministers have turned from being true to Me to becoming false messengers in order to store up carnal wealth that has no value in eternity. Such as these will be proven to lack what I intend for them, because they are listening to demons rather than My Spirit.

When anyone does not keep their hearts with diligence, then, even though they have had an initial relationship with Jesus, they still can open their hearts to that which is corruption. Then they end up allowing themselves to be taken into captivity by the forces of darkness that are stalking those who have made a profession of faith in Me. The ugliness of spiritual slothfulness is made evident in those who are lazy and not respecting the honor they have to be redeemed.

Such as these will be as the ten virgins who kept no oil for their lamps but preferred to slumber and sleep, and then, when the time came, they remained in darkness because of their own laziness. Know that these ones will have no hidden treasure, for they have by their choices refused to become vessels of honor unto Me. Instead, they are vessels of dishonor because they are not worthy of storing up the hidden treasures that I give to the righteous.

Those who have hidden treasures are allowed at My command to release the treasures, in the sense of making them visible to the ones who have eyes to see and ears to hear what My Spirit is saying. This is done in order for them to get a glimpse of the beauty of My kingdom being shown through earthen vessels, people who love Me with their all.

Be thankful this day that you have been chosen to follow in the steps of Jesus. Do so with thanksgiving and rejoicing, because to follow Jesus is to be drawn close to Me. Likewise, you will receive the abundance of mercies and the exquisite goodness that causes hidden treasure to grow and increase in you. I do not withhold the treasures I have stored up, but rather I give them freely to those who will love Me, serve Me, and come forth in Me each day.

Do not be afraid to be a person of great wealth as you receive more and more of My hidden treasure as you follow in the steps of Jesus daily. It is not your own choices to be rich in the world’s eyes that constitute wealth; it is your choices to go totally for Me that cause you to be enriched in the true sense of treasure.

More often than not, multitudes will bow down to the demons and follow such rather than My Spirit. So many of them will become frustrated and irritated with their lives, for they have their eyes on the carnal treasures and never gain the same. Then, because they listened to false prophets and teachers, they will be mad and accuse Me. However, they are the ones who chose the imitation messengers rather than the real.

As you serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will become more and more aware of how the hidden treasure is the real treasure because it belongs to Me. Those who are running after the wind of carnal treasures will find that the same are meaningless when they stand before Me. Those who have truly abandoned themselves to Me for My purpose and plan will find that when they stand before Me, they have great treasure, because I have given the same to them and they in turn are made rich by the very things that I provide for them daily.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are worth more than all of the gold that men and women consider to be so precious. Rich people will howl in hell, for they gathered the treasures of damnation.