High Tower of Strength and Power

I speak unto you this day and I want you to remember in these days when the tycoons of fear and terror are plotting and scheming and sending out their networks of demon forces, that you can run into Me. It is Me the Living God who is indeed your refuge, and as you remain in righteousness, it is Me who provides you with your hiding place.

Do not at any time be intimidated by the forces that want to take control of your mind, your body, and your spiritual destiny. Inasmuch as you belong to Me, it is I who keeps you from the intimidation tactics of the many wicked who have spread themselves out in proud array in these times. I do not intend for you to be overwhelmed and overtaken; I intend for you to continue to stand strong in your belief, your convictions, and your walk with Me in these treacherous and lecherous times.

This world is full of predators who mark their prey then go after them in order to captivate them and even devour them. I do not intend for My true and faithful people to be devoured; I intend for them to be kept in the power, the strength and the safety of who I am. If you consider that it is Me the Living God who is your life, then you do not need to be taken by predators, for you will be able to resist such forces, for they are indeed not meant for you in any way whatsoever.

In fact, you are enabled by My strength and power to resist, refuse and rebuke such forces, for I am ever present with you, and I am the God who keeps you at all times. Look to Me as your high tower and the One who remains standing forever and ever. The forces of darkness and evil will come and go, but you are not to be subject to such wicked forces. You are to be subject to Me as the One who cares for you and protects you from those who want to devour you.

Believe in Me, trust in Me, and remain ever present in My presence, for as you do, you do not need to live in the terror that is to come upon the land again and stalk all who will listen to the terrorists. It has never been My intention for My people to be cowards. It is My intention for My people to be strong and very courageous because I am the One who is omnipresent and will protect and keep them at all times.

There are times when you will be in a passive-aggressive position against the enemy forces as they show what their intentions and strategies are. Then there are times when I will bring them down and reveal My desire for you to launch full-scale attack in the spiritual dimension against the terrorists and wicked strategists who imagine they reign supreme.

These are times when those who are of a feeble or weak mind are being swept up by the forces that are full of iniquity and evil intent. Because these ones are easily intimidated, they do not resist the forces that prey on them, and they easily succumb to what the proud boasters have intended.

However, not all are of a mind to surrender to the proud fools who have spread themselves out in proud and contemptuous array. There are multitudes who know Me, and they are disgusted with the agenda of takeover and world domination that is being put forth to bring upon the cowards the covering of fear. Those who love Me and trust in Me will be courageous and of a strong heart, in the sense that they understand that I am ever present as they are in and doing My will.

My Son has given the promise that those who are true do not need to be fearful, for He will be with them till they are brought up into heaven, wherein We make Our abode. It is not Our intention to leave the people who are loving Us and standing for righteousness to be devoured by the proud predators who want only to captivate and devour.

Each day, resist the temptation to fear that is omnipresent in these times, and do not fall down to the same. Know of a surety that you are not intended to fear anything or anybody as you remain right with Me. The reality remains that I am the eternal God, and that when men and women rise up in their agendas and strategies of intimidation, you are not subject nor will you ever be under their control.

As a man or woman thinks in their innermost being, so shall they be. If they mentally surrender to fear and terror, so shall they be. If they resist, refuse and rebuke such forces of darkness, they are full of the courage that I give for the situation at hand. Be ever present in the Holy Spirit, for the same will direct you and guide you in these times, and as you obey, so will you see over and over that I am the strength and power that remains.

Proud predators are everywhere and attempting to bring down those who are listening to their boastful speeches and tactics of takeover. As My people steadily resist such boasters and proud predators, so do they cause havoc to those who imagine that their power remains forever. There is only one power that is forever, and that is Me, the Living God. It is not My intention for you to succumb to darkness; it is My intention for you to remain standing long after the fading foes are dead and in hell.

When men and women imagine themselves to be invincible, they are vainly puffed up on delusional pride as to their own capabilities. Fueled as they are by demons, they are dictators that have an end, and after that end, they will find themselves burning in the very hell they claimed did not exist.