Give Up to Gain

I speak unto you this day and I say that I want you to understand and remember what My Son Jesus did and what is necessary in order to be and remain true disciples. He basically told His followers that they must give up what they presently considered to be important in their lives in order to achieve what He and I wanted for them.

This meant in essence that those who were to be true disciples were to have no allegiance to any person, place or thing above Him. His desire was for people to follow His directions and instructions at all times, that they could be shown how important it is to walk in obedience. This is because in the obedience life is gained.

In disobedience is the very essence of death, and those who are walking in disobedience are liable to be judged and taken even prematurely in death if they do not pay heed to the warnings they receive to repent and walk uprightly. It is not My intention to have rebels in heaven, nor has such ever been My intention.

My desire is to have obedient sons and daughters who will hear the call and obey the same, and finish their course as well pleasing because they have accepted their own responsibility and accountability unto Me. Those who want to remain as immature babes and live in their own understanding are basically living in failure because they are not following Me in any way whatsoever. I do not intend for people to live in continual disobedience; I intend for them to live in the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life in Me.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to walk afar off from Me and go in the way of fools. Those who are foolish will stiffen their necks and harden their hearts when I call to them, because they do not want what I want. Rather, they are so influenced by demons that they think that My way is too hard and that they cannot walk in the same because they will die if they try. Basically, what that means is they are afraid to give up their sins and attachments that take them far from My Son and Myself. Through such disobedience, they will gain many sorrows and live in hardships that are the consequence of their wrong choices and distorted outlook.

Then, after they have allowed demons to rule them in this life, they face hell throughout eternity because they chose to listen to evil spirits rather than My Spirit. My Spirit is given to direct people in the way that I have left for them to walk in. Those who pay heed to My Spirit are not taken into captivity. Rather, they are uplifted and released into the power of My presence, and given the hope that I alone can provide.

Those who choose to listen to demons are refusing to give up to gain what I have for them. Instead, they are giving up the opportunity that they could have had to live the life that I provide and be guided forth by a plain path and given the light each day. So in reality, while they somehow believe that they can obey demons and still be all right with Me, they are terribly mistaken, for they will not have My kingdom and obey demonically inspired orders and dictates.

The truth is that My people who are truly wanting to be inhabitants of My eternal kingdom are required to give up to gain. Those who understand that and do the same will find that I can give to them exactly what they need in every situation and circumstance, for they are not alone.

This is why it is foolish for My people to grab and grasp for the world and the ways of wickedness that are ever present in the same. I do not find pleasure in those who have yielded to the world of wickedness and imagine that they will find joy in such delusions. What kind of joy is there to be found in delusions and confusions that mark these times? The truth is, it is not joy; it is bondage, and multitudes are trapped and unable to escape, no matter how much they try.

Be thankful that you are not in bondage to the world but that you can continue to give up all ties that bind to the present world in order to be in union with Me as your Maker and your God. The more that your eyes are opened, the more that you are able to see that My way is the only way that has sanity and stability.

Consider that My Son, Jesus Christ, is the same yesterday and forever. When anyone will be His disciple, they are expected to walk in His steps and not alter the standard He proclaimed in order to have things their way. Those who are insistent on their way are insistent on their sins likewise, and those very things will end them in hell.

In order to be disciples of Jesus, His followers were, and still are, expected to put Him first above all else, because He alone is the victorious, the triumphant, who rules supreme because He has been made both Lord and Christ. He is now at My right hand, praying for His disciples on earth, and so, they cannot say that no one prayed for them.

Realize that His prayers are closer to Me than any others and that I hear Him when He prays. Therefore, be assured that through obedience you will give up, but you will gain from the same. It is a great privilege to be given the opportunity to be counted as one of My sons and daughters whom I trust and want to serve Me wholeheartedly and teach others to do likewise: to give up to gain.