Media and Her Minions

I speak unto you this day and I say: Beware of the Media and her minions, for she is indeed a very wicked goddess who devours souls and takes many into captivity through her devious wicked techniques and wiles. The Media has no respect for anyone or anything, inasmuch as she is a law unto herself and desires to take complete control of the masses.

This goddess stems back to the days of antiquity, and she has used her wiles throughout centuries to master over the minds of those who are under her ever-increasing control. In these times of mass communication, she is especially vying for total captivity and control over the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants. Her special target is any and all nations that have had a strong Christian background, in order to bring them down to nothing and render them utterly useless and dependent on her control.

Because she has always been a murderess, she cannot control her blood thirstiness. Over and over, she sets people up for the slaughter, then with slanderous words, character mutilation, and falsehoods, she viciously tears into the ones who dare to resist her absolute control. There are multitudes who are not aware of the demonic powers behind her facade of bringing news. To such, she presents all manner of wicked insinuations and draws conclusions that are completely false.

However, because she is born of the devil, this goddess goes on in lies and more lies, and calls the same false reports “current or past news,” because her goal is to have world dominion over the minds, not only of her minions but also the ones who listen to her enticing and enchanting prattle and gossip that is being spewed forth with false sincerity. Media is very adept at having her minions trained to be manipulative, offering false compassion and understanding to get into the hearts of victimized people.

Media has no guilt over telling lies because she is the daughter of the father of lies, the devil. Over and over, her goal is to devour and destroy, and she actually uses her techniques to stir people to violence, civil unrest, and bloodshed. Likewise, she is a great advocate of perversions of all kinds, and puts forth the most insane and outlandish stories that gossips and tale bearers feed off of.

When I tell you to beware of her, I mean exactly that, for before you know, you will find that she has infected and poisoned your minds with her daily potions she spews forth through her minions. It does not bother her one iota that people are literally murdered by others because of the unproven and uninvestigated reports that she sends forth each day.

In fact, Media is the goddess of bloodshed, and she lives up to her heritage and keeps people stirred up against each other in order to gain the bloodshed she longs for. Those who will make progress in the ranks of Media’s army of mercenaries are the ones who are hard of heart and determined to get the best story or scoop, even if they have to make up the same. There is no way that Media’s minions will be held back when they really are empowered by the demon spirits that will cause them to rise to so-called success.

There are some who have been controlled by Media and have spent their lives as her slaves, who have a day of reckoning. These ones have reported from time to time of the sick cycle of lies they lived in and the limitations that Media kept over them in order to voice her demonic agenda. There are vast multitudes in nations past and present that have been swayed to accept the most insane people as leaders because Media is on their side.

The only reason Media sides with the wicked is because she is a very wicked goddess and desires to see multitudes swept up in her enchantments and spells of deception. When I warn you to beware of Media, consider that I do so for your protection. Remember she is a seductive and controlling power that will do whatever it takes to bring people into mental captivity and bondage to her lies.

Do not be hasty to believe the news reports you hear daily, for many of them are lies. Others are carefully devised fantasies and delusions to bring people into the cruel captivity to the insanity that is rampant in these times.

If you could see the number of victims that Media and her minions hurt and kill every day, you would see that the viciousness of her motives is actually shocking. Never does she consider that she and her minions are shedding innocent blood and do not feel bad over the same. In fact, they thrive on the shedding of the blood of the innocents.

She carries a special vendetta against the ones who are My united believers and are standing valiant for the truth. No matter how many times they disprove her validity, she comes back against them with bigger and bigger lies and false accusations. Do not forget that she is blood thirsty and motivated by her boss to kill, steal, and destroy. Therefore, she hates and takes vengeance on the true believers who are not seduced or enchanted by her many devices of wickedness.

Remember, you are in a warfare against principalities and powers, and by the same you will receive the weaponry you have need of to bring down these powers in the spiritual dimension. I do not speak of carnal, physical weapons and warfare, but of spiritual warfare, which many are professing without realizing they are blind to the powers of the Media and her minions.