Self-Idolatry Ends in Sin’s Slavery

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when multitudes are bowing down to the god of self and attempting to appease the same. However, the god they are serving is never satisfied, because the same is full of never-ending, demonically inspired cravings for sin. Thus, those who are serving this deceitful god are serving only to become sin’s slaves.

Multitudes throughout the land are bowing to this god of self and as they do, their hearts are far from Me. They are seeking for their own way in everything that they do. They are wanting to have the advantage over everything that is not bowing to them. However, they are fools, because there is much in life that violates what people expect.

In order to cope with the increasing demands that are put on those who are trying to please self, many end up in addictions that consume them and make them sin-slaves to drugs, alcohol, sexual perversions, money and power lust, as well as all manner of unclean habits and desires.

Some become so infatuated with themselves that they cannot bear to think of anyone else and their needs. This is because these ones have become very selfish and self-centered and could care less about anyone else if such do not bow to them.

When the actions of those who are centered only on themselves become evident, it is actually repulsive to see how much they are wasting their lives on this god who cannot ever be satiated no matter what they do. How ugly people become when they are altered by addictions that take possession of them and control their lives.

Addictions are fueled by demons, and those who are giving way to the same will find themselves deeper and deeper in the mire of sin, only to be sucked deeper into the quicksand of sin. They cannot free themselves even if they try, because they have chosen the way that will take them into death and damnation.

The demon powers that are in control of them have them totally convinced that they cannot live without whatever it is that they are hooked on, and that they must have more and more of the same. Unfortunately, many commit crimes against others in order to get what they are convinced they must have, whenever they are pressured by the demons that rule them.

Needless to say, the addictions that involve crimes against others and violence, even murder, lead to imprisonment for both adults and juveniles. Unfortunately, many who are in prison are bound to return if they gain the position of parole, because they go right back to the same old habits and addictions once released. The same demonic powers pounce on them and put the slave chains on them again, so they join the ranks of the returnees who go back into imprisonment all over again.

Rehabilitation centers are full of failures by those who go through the programs, oftentimes at great expense to their families or the state, only to return to the prison house of sin that they were in. It is indeed a tragedy to behold the wreckage of human lives that comes about because of addiction to substances and perversions.

With the covering over the nation being one of insanity, it is not a strange thing to see people who are out of their minds and wandering about as though they do not know who or where they are. Many are kept alive by handouts and government-granted assistance because of their mental and physical conditions. Many are addicted to legal as well as illegal drugs and are dying as a consequence of the same, only to have whatever functioning organs they have harvested for the organ transplant mafia market.

Needless to say, there are some who are bound in sin’s slavery through the lies they tell day after day without reproof. Their lies grow bigger and more outlandish. Inasmuch as again the covering of leadership is one of liars, so it is considered to be the norm of these times. Over and over, the liars lie because they are addicted to the same.

There are likewise those who are addicted to money and power and cannot be free of the lust for the same. No matter who they hurt or take from, they must have more and more, as they can never have enough. It does not matter to these ones if they take, because they are self-centered and selfish, wanting only what their flesh fueled by demons tells them they must have.

The only help that comes to the addicted is not through men and women and the programs they establish. It is through Jesus Christ, the One who is able to set the captives free. There are some born-again believers who once lived in sin slavery through addictions of all sorts. Of such ones, there are those who return what Jesus has done for them by reaching out and working with the addicted, preaching to them the gospel.

I do bless the ones who are willing to reach down into the mire and give the message of salvation to the dying and damned who have no future at all. These ones will receive all they need to do such work, because they are not living for themselves but working in cooperation with the purpose for which Jesus Christ laid His life down: to see sinners forgiven and set free.

Be thankful that you are not in slave chains and that you can live in the freedom that is found by serving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. As you are willing to testify of His mercies, so will you see addicts set free of their misery.