Pilgrim, Are You Progressing or Regressing?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to search your hearts and your lives to determine where you are in Me? There are so many who start out right, yet they end up wrong because they allow themselves to get caught up in the cares of this life to the extent that they forget about Me and go on in the way of the world. Those who turn aside to worldliness are not progressing in Me; they are regressing, for they have stopped listening to My Spirit and following the instructions of the same.

When you see the ones who are regressing, it is truly a sad thing to behold because they go in the way of the world, which leads to the way of the damned. I do not want My people to regress; I want them to make progress in Me because they are meant to complete their earthly pilgrimage in obedience to My Spirit’s directives given to them.

When anyone becomes born again of incorruptible seed, they are given the opportunity to become citizens of the Eternal Nation. This means in essence that they are meant to regard this world as only a temporary dwelling, as their eternal abode is meant to be in the heavenly dimensions wherein I abide. Therefore, if those who are born again see themselves as the pilgrims they are meant to be, they will not be allowing themselves to be sidetracked by the cares of this life and the things of this world.

Give Me thanks even this day that you do not need to be partaking of the world and the vanities of the same. Rather, you are privileged to partake of all that I give, for the same is abundant and is full of mercy. I want you to see yourselves as the pilgrims who are determined to keep on progressing in the journey you are on. Do not give way to the depression, the desperation, the destitution of soul that is so common in these times.

Multitudes have regressed because they started looking at the condition of the nation, the condition of the leadership, the condition of the majority, and the insanity that is rampant. By looking at such things, depression, desperation and destitution hit them like a ton of bricks and knocked them down. Instead of rising up and rebuking those spirits, they remained down and wallowed in the ugliness they were seeing.

However, this befell them because they got their eyes off of Me and onto the world and all of its troubles. Be aware that the world will always be in troubles, sometimes more than at other times. This is a time of insanity in the leadership; therefore, there are many troubles, and those are increasing daily. Nonetheless, My people are not meant to take on the troubles of the world, which is ruled by the devil and his demons.

With such in ultimate control, the insanity in leadership is merely a reflection of the control that demons exercise over people who are listening to and acting out their commands. As times have come and gone throughout the world of insanity, be thankful that you do not have to come under such a covering, for you are Mine and you are covered by Me.

Because you are pilgrims, you are meant to regard your pilgrimage on earth as a proving ground to show if it is really Me that you want to please. Inasmuch as you are called and chosen to do so with dignity, cooperate fully with the commands of the Holy Spirit, for the same will lead you in the narrow way, wherein you will be kept.

Do not be as the foolish who take the broad way and by the same get tangled up in the worldliness, the ungodliness, and the wantonness of this age. You are not called to the degradation that is so easily attainable in the broad way. You are called to the straight and narrow way to testify of My goodness and mercy to the pilgrims who stay in the pathway that is eternal and everlasting. Reality is that many who are called are not chosen because they do not want My way, as is evidenced by their continual recollection of the past and how they enjoyed the pleasures of sin.

Such who treat their salvation so carelessly and flippantly as though they could have the best of two worlds are literally fools before Me because they are not choosing according to My intentions for them. When they come before Me in the day of accountability, they will see plainly that they were careless and did not respect what I intended for them at all.

Be thankful this day that you are privileged to walk in the way that I intend and find that I make the way for you in the same. You do not lack for any good thing, because I am able to give to you such as you need in every circumstance as you follow the Holy Spirit.

More often than not, there are multitudes who have abandoned Me and gone after the foolery, the folly, the deception and the perversion of these times as though they had a great feast before them. Indeed, they do, for they will partake of the feast of fools, only to find that the same will prove to be their condemnation and end them in damnation.

Repeatedly, the cycle of insanity repeats itself throughout history as those who are insane are in rule, and their madman schemes are for their own gain as they imagine they are all powerful. However, each one was brought to naught in My timing. The same is happening now, and I will bring to total and complete ruination and devastation those in power who believe that their power surpasses all other powers, including the divine power of who I am. Know that they do not remain. It is Me who does!