Worthless Works

I speak unto you this day and I say quite clearly that there are multitudes in these times who are doing worthless works. This is because they are not laboring with Me. Some are building their own so-called ministries, whereby they are exalting themselves rather than Me. This is because they want to show that by their own efforts they are being blessed. These are worthless works because they are trying to play God and show everyone how great they are, not how great I am.

There are others who are doing worthless works because they are opposing Me and attempting to destroy My true people because they represent Me. Know of a surety that I never called them to such foolery, but they have taken themselves there because they love to act as though they are experts at disproving Me and making a mockery of My existence.

Likewise, they want to continually mock and mutilate the character of My people because they themselves are worthless before Me. Over and over, they will tell lies in order to cover their own mistakes and failures. They are grossly accusatory and hateful towards anything that pertains to Me.

However, know that they labor in vain, for all that they do is useless because long after they are dead and in hell, I will continue, for I am the God who is eternal, and I remain. Additionally, they cannot destroy My true people no matter how much they lie against them and speak vicious slanderous things in order to totally mutilate the quality character of those who are Mine. When they stand before Me, all of their worthless, evil works will condemn them, and as they end in hell eternally, they will be tormented by the very torments they tried to destroy My people with.

Then there are those who are in high positions in governments and are part of the world agenda to do away with united believing Christians who truly stand for Me. These ones are continually plotting and scheming to bring down all semblances of true Christianity in order to rid the earth of what they would consider a threat to their regimes of terror.

I do not find any pleasure in such ones, for they are abomination to Me and their hearts are hard towards Me. Know that all that they do in opposition to righteousness is because they are motivated by the devil and his demons. While they think that they will accomplish their predetermined goals of destruction of true believers, they will find that their works are worthless and in vain.

Know of a surety that such as these will only end in a heap of ruination themselves because they will not be able to destroy My people, nor Me, My Son and My Spirit. This is because those who are hidden with Christ in Me are kept no matter what such ones do against them. Likewise, I, My Son and My Spirit are far above, out of the reach of such power-hungry schemers. They may seek to devour those who are Mine, yet I will bring My true people to My kingdom, and there they will remain when their journey on earth is finished. But the testimony of their faithfulness will stand against the crooked politicians who sought to have all powers on earth in their hands.

It is indeed ugly how many efforts are put out in worthless works, and all of them stem from the pride of humanity as well as extreme demon activity. Yet, for all of the works that are established and that are worthless, they all will be torn down and scattered to the wind. When the idols that men, women and children build to themselves are brought down and end as ashes or crumbled rubble, know that I remain the invincible, enduring, everlasting God.

Be thankful even this day that when you are looking unto Me, you will see that My power and My glory remain, and that those who are adhering to Me will not be made ashamed, for I am the God of all power and glory. Therefore, you will see with your own eyes worthless works come and go and be remembered no more.

Those who want to assume power that is not theirs to have are only heaping up worthless works that will stand against them in the end. For all of their efforts and intentions, they are utterly useless and worthless and will have nothing to show for their meaningless labors and schemes.

Be glad even this day that you are not obligated to serve the governments of this world that are in opposition to Me and want to bring multiplied sins into the laws of the land in order to destroy souls and take human lives without cause. The liars who think that all of their schemes and dreams will be fulfilled are only filling up their cups of iniquity by which they will be convicted and found guilty in the high courts of heaven.

Rejoice that it is to Me the Living God that you are answerable to, and it is to Me that you must give an account. Do not waver in your faithfulness towards Me, for repeatedly I will show you that when it is Me you serve, you are kept, for I do bless and keep you each and every day.

Know that I am the One True God and that as you labor in what My Spirit directs you, you do not labor in vain. The works that you do in cooperation with My Spirit’s direction are done under My command. They are not worthless works; they are valuable works, for they relate to the furtherance of My kingdom, both here and in the life hereafter. Be thankful that I want to show My kingdom here on earth through those who do the works that remain.