Internal Terrorism to Rise

I speak unto you this day and I say that internal terrorism is going to increase and increase to the point whereby many will be living in terror. Many who imagined that they were safe and protected will find that they are not. More and more violence, thievery, larceny, robbery, rapes, mutilations and murders will cause much fear to the point of terrorism.

Multitudes will live in constant fear, dread and anxiety as to what they might encounter on any given day. I do not want you to be devoured as those who are under terrorism. I want you to keep your confidence in Me as the One who keeps you and brings you forth each day. Be glad that I am your Master, your Keeper, the One who is well able to keep the terrorists away from those who are trusting Me.

I am allowing the rise in internal terrorism to come forth over the nation because people have trusted in false securities, and in the same they have grieved Me. Likewise, they have imagined that they did not need to fear Me, for I had passed away. The truth is, I will never pass away, for I am the Eternal God, and it is intended that people would live in the fear and respect of Me. When they choose to do otherwise, then I will allow them to live in fear of everything, and as terrorists increase, they will live in continual fear of what may happen at any given time.

Perfect love will drive out such fears, and that love comes when My people are trusting in Me above all else and looking to Me as the One they love. When those who love Me are abandoned to Me, they will not be continually terrorized at the thought of losing their lives. Why? Because they know that as they are in My hands, I am well able to keep them at all times.

Thank Me that as you serve Me, you can be assured that I send My angels to guard and protect you, and My Spirit is within you to guide you each and every day. You are not to accept the fears which so many are bound by, for you are not called to such bondage. Nor are you called to be a sin slave so that you are under terror every minute as to what will come on you as a consequence of your sins.

If you stop and consider how many are living under the continual vexation of fear, know that they are constantly under torment. Be glad that I am the One who is able to keep you safe from the terrorizing torments that are increasing daily. Consider how stupid it is when people are so afraid that they are arming themselves with every imaginable weapon, having all kinds of cameras installed, locks and security fences. Some are choosing to live in gated communities where they are paying outrageous amounts of money to be “protected from unknown assailants.”

However, all of these measures are meaningless, in the sense that even a resident of the gated community could rise up in anger and violence and cause terror to many who are inhabiting the compound. In the times of insanity such as you are now living in, there are multitudes who are experiencing insanity for no apparent reason.

While insane, they can and do commit all manner of crimes against others, for no apparent motive other than they went insane. Where does such insanity come from? The rule over the nation at this time is insanity, and because of that, those who are responsive to demonic input can easily lose out and go insane because the covering is dominating and overwhelming far too many.

No matter what, do not give way to insanity as though there is no tomorrow, for the same is the input of demons. As those who have been spared, do not give way to the demonic input that wants to cause as many as possible to simply lose their minds and go off on sprees of violence, mutilation, murder, as well as rape and plunder.

Keep steadily looking to Me as the One you love and the One who loves you and desires to keep you in peace even in the midst of a wicked, insane, vile and perverse generation. Those who are relying on Me are not going to be terrorized by demonic powers and suggestions.

There are many who are in positions of power who are constantly terrorized and fearful for their very lives. They are surrounded by armed guards who are ordered to shoot to kill in the face of any construed misconduct. It is absolutely absurd for such insane leaders to imagine they are so important and so protected when they will have to stand before Me and give an account for their vile and reprobate behaviors. No armed guards or security forces will be able to protect them when they must face Me and give an account. None of their incessant lies will stand up to shield them from My wrath and the fires of hell that will be upon them night and day.

Thank Me this day that you can spend your days in gratefulness rather than fearfulness, for such is My mercy to you. Many of those who are restless and continually in fear are there because they have refused to accept the fact that I reign supreme. By their pride, they have rejected Me and brought to themselves the misery they are under.

Look at the ones who amass great fortunes yet are miserable and always in fear that someone will get what they have. Some of these go into seclusion and live in a state of continual paranoia because they are controlled by fear and terror. Their money does not give them peace, only more terror.