Restraint Revolution

I speak unto you this day and I say that this is the time that those who truly love Me will realize how important it is that people practice restraint. It is the time to call for Restraint Revolution. Without restraints, multitudes fall under the insane coverings that are evident in these times. When they do, then they cannot possibly be saved, because when people are under insane coverings, they will do those things that will make them candidates for hell forever.

Needless to say, when people are simply accepting of sinful input, then they are inevitably going to end in hellfire because they will commit sin repeatedly. I do not want this to happen unnecessarily, and so, it is necessary to wage Restraint Revolution and declare to any and all who have an ear to hear of the necessity to restrain themselves and not give way to demonic input.

Those who are not practicing restraint will give way to every demonic suggestion that comes into their minds. Of course, they will be accepting the same and going headlong into the darkness, abomination and degradation that comes along.

It is Me the Living God who has put restraints in this earth in order for people to be kept from the darkness, the iniquity, the violence and the abomination that the devil pushes on people. However, when you see the wickedness of the current generation, know that it is because they are wanting to live in as much corruption as they can. Of course, the devil is always there to provide the same to any and all who will obey demonic input, and therefore souls are taken down into death and damnation.

Be thankful for the restraints that I have provided to save you from damnation and the destruction of your souls. It has never been intended that you would be devoured and destroyed. It is intended that you would be uplifted and brought forth, able to rejoice and give thanks each day that I bring you forth in My way.

Without restraints all will perish in wickedness, for that is the nature of lost humanity. I do not want all souls to perish, because if men, women and children do not restrain themselves from the input that demons put in their minds, they will perish.

Do not expect that the devil will ever give to anyone input that will lead to eternal life in Me. His wicked goal is to see people devoured and destroyed. This is why it is never right to look to the world to give you the goals that will eventually destroy you and cause the damnation of your souls. You are not intended to be destroyed; it is intended that you would be brought forth because you are practicing restraint.

There are multitudes who base their existence on the world’s values, and by the same, they are defrauded. Some become highly successful in the game called “the world,” yet they never consider eternity, nor where they will spend the same. Their only concern is the here and now, yet they will wither and die as all must do. Because they had no interest in their futures in the life hereafter, they will end in hell.

It is important that people realize that the values of the world are transitory, and those values will pass away and be remembered no more. There are many people who are in hell who were considered to be successful according to the values that are false. It is not important that the world speak well of certain persons, for the wheel can turn and they will find them guilty of any accusation that comes up, and they will fall into disfavor. I do not want My people to be hung up on what the world thinks of them. What matters is where they keep their hearts before and with Me.

I do not want you to become trapped by those values that will pass away and be remembered no more. I want you to continue steadfast in declaring whatsoever it is that My Spirit speaks to you to declare. This day you are to declare to others how important it is to be in Restraint Revolution, which means essentially that you do not sell out for the opinions of men, nor do you yield to the pressures of worldly ambition.

There is only one journey through this life, and those who are seeking to be well spoken of by the world are seeking for falsity and flattery. Do not be seeking for false and flattering words about you, for the same are lies. Be seeking for My opinion of you to be that I find you good and faithful and that I want you to enter the eternal kingdom wherein I make My abode.

Do not give way to the pressures that want to overwhelm and overtake you. Rather, continue to believe and receive the strength, the insight and the power to do what I command you to do. You are intended to prove to be worthy because you are faithful, not unfaithful. More than any other thing, keep your relationship with Me as the One you love and want to serve each day. It is important that you remember what is important in this earthly journey, and it is not people and their opinions.

When you are wholeheartedly abandoned to My will, there are times when people will reject what you declare so that they can go on with their sins. However, as they are continuing, they are going the wrong way because they have willfully rejected the call to restrain themselves from the sins that will damn their souls.

Fools they are, because their choices are for death and not life, for damnation instead of salvation. Be glad that you can choose to obey and give forth what My Spirit does say: Restraint Revolution or damnation.