Warn Those Who Scorn

I speak unto you this day and I say: It is My intention that those of you whom I have chosen would be steady at the task I give you, and that is to warn the ones who scorn, the wicked. Such as these are hell bound and steeped in evil and wickedness. I do not find pleasure in them, and of course, they are destined to damnation.

However, because I am the God of mercy, I desire that you would declare to those who are wicked to repent and turn from their wickedness, repenting and calling upon Jesus to forgive them of their sins. When you stop and consider how abundant they are in their abominations that are destining them to eternal damnation, it is much better that they would repent and turn from their scorning. I have intended that people would be mourning over the sins and abominations they have committed in order that they could be redeemed from the penalty of their sins.

Therefore, do not hesitate to keep on witnessing of the mercies available in Jesus Christ, My Son, and likewise of the wrath that will be visited upon them if they do not repent, inasmuch as you are living in a time when very few people want to face reality and make the choices for life. Therefore, realize how many souls are perishing because they are choosing for death rather than life, as they are governed by demons.

Those who scorn the truth are doing so because the motivation that drives them is evil, for they have allowed themselves to be tricked by the devil. Therefore, do not be feebly attempting to be a witness, but rather be bold to warn people and to likewise let them know of the forgiveness mercies that are found in and through Jesus Christ, My Son.

Scorners are not just found among the evildoers. There are those who once served Me, then turned aside to sin, and by the guilt they are under, they scorn Me and My Son. By their attitudes, they try to do away with the conviction that is ever present and upon them. These need to be warned likewise to turn from scorning and to begin mourning through repentance.

Such ones as these are very disagreeable in their attitudes because it is difficult for them to admit that they are out of where they should be in Me. Their scornful attitudes come about because they want to use the same as a coverup for their own failures to keep serving. If not openly warned, they could easily die in their sinful state and be damned eternally. Such is very sad to see, because it causes trouble and will end them in sorrow, vexation and misery in this life, and in hell in the life hereafter.

So it is that those who are warned and do not repent are facing death and damnation forever. When you are told to warn the scorners, do not neglect to obey, for you do not want their blood to be on your hands. Rather, keep actively obeying the Spirit’s commands to warn the scorners, lest they perish in their sins. When you face the heaviness of their sins and their impending damnation, it is not a pleasant thing, yet if you keep steadily at what My Spirit dictates, then your hands are clean.

If there are some who will hear you and repent, then you will be able to rejoice and be glad, for you have done as commanded, and so have those who heard what you declared. The more that you remain active for Me, the more you will flourish in the goodness that I provide. You will be counted as those who are responsible and acceptable to Me, because you are maintaining your obedience to My desire for you.

Do not hesitate to keep steadfast at what I intend for you to do, because when I have chosen you to declare warnings, it is very important that you do so. There are multitudes in these times who are blinded by the devil and his demons, and they are committing abominations galore.

Consider that if they are not warned to repent, they will all be damned because they went in the way that the demons directed them, and ended up damned when they died. It is indeed a tragic thing to see those who have been motivated by the insane covering that is present, and they too become insane and open to demonic input on every hand.

Thank Me that you do not need to end up damned. Rather, you can be rejoicing that you are given the opportunity to come forth each day made glad. If you consider the joy that you are experiencing, why not be glad that you can pass that joy along to others who will repent and turn to Jesus as Savior and Lord?

When you have been so privileged as to be called and chosen to warn the scorners, whoever and wherever they may be, be glad that you are indeed shown how important a job you have in My kingdom. Do not by any means go off in self-pity if people reject your witness. Just continue steadfast and know that you have done as you were commanded by My Spirit.

I do not want you to be bound in the foolery that is so evident in these times; I want you to be uplifted in the power of My presence and shown that indeed, I am the One who is caring for you as you are in obedience to Me, the author and finisher of your faith.

Those whom I call and choose, I also equip with all that they need to accomplish the job that is before them. Be thankful that each day, as you are doing as I want you to do, you will be enabled to see how good it is to serve Me and be thankful that you are laboring to see scorners warned and saved.