Is Anything Too Hard for Me?

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Do you think that anything is too hard for Me? It is Me the Living God who can and will do the impossible. It is My desire that those who are Mine would believe Me when I send forth My messages to them. Do not be in doubt towards Me, for I am, I was, and I always will be the God of miracles.

Of all the gods of men who have come and gone, there is none who is like unto Me, for I am the God of impossibility. That which is impossible with men is possible with Me, and there is none who can declare that something is too hard for Me.

Remember it is Me the Living God who created men, women and children, as well as the earth and all that is in the earth, the skies, and the waters. It is not My intention that people would limit Me because of their own unbelief. I do not want you to live in unbelief; I want you to live in confidence in Me, for I am the God of impossibility and there is nothing that is out of My ability to bring forth.

Those who set the limit for Me because of their own lack of faith and unbelief are foolish before Me, because they are choosing that which I never intended and claiming that the same is all that I can do. Refuse to accept the limitations that carnal men and women attempt to put on Me because they are unable to cope with My capabilities. Be thankful even this day that as you are believing in My words, you see more and more that I am endless and that I remain.

Know that I am the eternal, the everlasting God, and My power and glory remain. Inasmuch as I spoke man, the earth, the skies, the waters, the creatures into existence, cannot I do the same even in these times? You are living in times when men and women are seeing themselves as the ultimate power sources, yet they will live a limited span and then they will die and be remembered no more. This is because they think that they are invincible, but they are not. It is Me the Living God, the Eternal, who can snatch their life’s breath, and then they are in hell forever.

The covering of those who are covered in extreme pride is one of deception and insanity inasmuch as they see themselves as capable of every imaginable thing. However, the things that they bring forth are demonically inspired and lead to destruction, debauchery, depression and damnation, for all of their crafty inventions are aimed at causing death to those who take up the same.

There are multitudes in these times who are under the darkness of their own understanding, and the same is proving to cause them many sorrows as well as heartache, because they are darkened by demonic powers and are bringing forth ugliness and debauchery because they have allowed themselves to be swept up in the miasma of stupidity that is governing multitudes in these times. I do not call you to such treachery; I do not call you to such foolery; I call you to the way that is unlimited glory because it comes of Me.

I do not expect for My people to descend into darkness; I expect them to ascend into the light because the same is prepared for them, and it is intended that they would walk that way and be kept by Me. Be glad even this day that you do not have to be wallowing in the depths of darkness, but rather you can be ascending higher and higher as you are believing Me and are expecting to see My miracles.

There are many things that I will do for those who are believing in Me with all of their hearts and are not limiting Me. I can do for them what no man or woman can do. I do not want you to be trusting explicitly in science, for the same is brought forth by humans, and oftentimes their research is slanted towards what they want to prove or disprove. Likewise, multitudes of those who are in the scientific community are not believers in Me and they want to disprove that I am.

It is really foolish for My people to look to the world for enlightenment, for the world is darkened. My people are meant to be operating in the realm of My Spirit and being brought forth in the same. Therefore, do not be full of doubt and unbelief, but rather look to Me, for I am the One who is well able, and I will indeed show repeatedly that I can do what no man or woman can do, and that it gives Me pleasure to show forth My miracles and My mercies.

When you see those who shut Me out of their lives because of their own meanness, and they suffer the consequences of the same, this is because they are the ones who are choosing to be losing rather than winning in and through Me. Be glad even now that I do not call you to be in the misery that such ones as lock Me out are in. I call you to be in the joy that comes to you when you believe in the salvation mercies of My Son Jesus and come forth ever uplifted and made glad for the same.

Truly consider that throughout the recorded history of My people, I did miracle after miracle for them. Those miracles were not always given because they were worthy, but at times for My Name’s sake, so that the heathen could not rejoice that they had destroyed My people.

It was Me who set My people free from captivity, gave them back their promised homeland, and proved to heathen kings that I was greater than any of their gods. I kept My prophets from extinction and gave them favor at times that none could stop. I have done the impossible because nothing is too hard for Me.