One Way: Heaven or Hell?

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is My intention that people would be aware that their choices determine where they will spend eternity. Those who think that they can waver between two masters and still be considered Mine are deceived. I give people the chances and the choices in this life to determine where they will spend eternity.

There are multitudes who do not want to face the reality of their lives, and because of that, they are refusing to be choosing for Me. Instead, they are keeping themselves open to the devil and his input and by the same, they imagine that they are “just all right.” Know that they are not “just all right.” In fact, they are “just all wrong” because of their misconceptions and indecisiveness towards My Son.

Truly, there is only One Way that men, women and children end in heaven, and that is by choosing for Jesus and asking for His forgiveness and walking in the same. The more that people will live their lives in dedication to Jesus and to following in His pattern, the closer they will move to Him and be enriched by His tender mercies.

Those who are open to demonic input are countless and they live daily under the direction of demons, and by the same they are taken on a joyride to hell. I do not want people to go to hell. However, they end there because they prefer the deeds of darkness over the way of light. They undergo misery after misery and then attempt to draw others into the same miseries and sorrows. How dull, dumb and stupid they are. Because they are not walking with My Spirit instructions, only demon input is their covering.

The world at this time is operating in excessive insanity because people have grown so abusive and rebellious against Me. While they do such things, they are vainly puffed up on pride and imagining that they do not need to conform to anyone, for their will is to do what they want. How deceived they are! They do not realize that what they think they want is nothing more than demonic input intended to motivate them to ensure themselves a place in hell.

This too is obviously a part of the excessive insanity that is rampant and not ceasing, because of the covering that is over the nation. Be thankful that you do not need to accept the covering that is obviously over the nation and to be insane like the majority. As you keep steadfastly following in the steps of My Son Jesus, then you are kept in a clear mind and given the privilege to obey Me, as My Spirit will direct you in the same.

Repeatedly in these times, people are given more and more resources to cause them to go insane. The amount of legal drugs being prescribed to them is outrageous in the effect that they have on their mentality. They are not sober minded, nor are they able to be, because they have gone after the world’s solutions to their problems. However, the so-called solutions are not solutions at all. In fact, they are simply duped, doped, drugged and demonized.

The only sanity that remains is that which comes of Me and is given to those who will obey the commands and dictates of My Holy Spirit. They do not need to be dysfunctional; they can be highly functional as they are centering themselves on Jesus, the author and the finisher of their faith.

Over and over, it becomes evident that there is only One Way that is available for those who want good and not evil in their lives. That way is beautiful and filled with mercy and goodness.

Likewise, it is evident that there is only one way that leads to delusion, depression, death and damnation, and that way is available for all who want to walk in the same and be devoured, demented, and drugged. More than anything, these ones are taking themselves on the road that leads to the misery and madness.

Those of you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, realize that you want to hear the Holy Spirit commands and walk in obedience to the same because you do not want to be devoured and destroyed, then damned in the end. Rather, you understand that it is your goal and your desire to complete the One-Way course and accomplish what I have for you, and in the same be uplifted. It is a good thing to be in the way that I have for you and by that to be uplifted and rejoicing for the goodness that I alone can give to you, for you are precious to Me.

More and more are becoming insane by the covering over the nation and their own personal choices. Of course, they are being assisted in the course that leads to many sorrows. They are given legal drugs that cause them to become useless, drug-addicted wastrels, who do not know what they are doing most of the time.

In the midst of perversity, violence, murder and madness, there is much to give Me thanks for, because I am the One-Way God who loves those who choose My Son at all times. Be thankful to know how important it is to live in harmony with My desire, and My intention for you each and every day is goodness and mercy.

As the world is racing to destroy as many as possible, I am intending to keep My people in perfect peace because it is My Spirit that they are choosing to obey and follow. Be thankful that you know the One Way to heaven!